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China Eyelash Extension Tools manufacturer

Meteor Lashes is a professional Chinese Eyelash Extension Tools manufacturer and supplier. Our Eyelash Extension Tools products include Eyelash Extension Tweezers, Eyelash Pads, lash glue remover, lash extension tape, stainless steel tweezers, eyelash shampoo, Magnetic eyeliner, etc. Support packaging box customization and private brand identification. As a professional manufacturer of ODM & OEM magnetic eyelash products, we have a history of more than 10 years. We appreciate your cooperation.


There are many types of eyelash tools, and each tool is used for different usages, which can help us have a beautiful makeup. But we don't necessarily have all of these eyelash tools, we must have the essentials. Eyelash tweezers are suitable tools for grafting eyelashes. Eyelash tweezers have different shapes and materials, and their usage is also different. They are divided into three functions: hair splitting, single root clamping, and multiple roots, which can be more convenient and precise operation. The eyelash pad is used to protect the eyelashes. It has high compressibility, softness and elasticity, natural stickiness, no additional surface adhesives; durable, and effectively protects the surface of the eyelashes from being scratched. We also use many Eyelash Extension Tools in our daily lives. We can choose the right Eyelash Extension Tools according to our own eyelashes, and finally present the most beautiful makeup.


All Eyelash Extension Tools adopt the most advanced manufacturing technology, which can last longer and create a more lasting makeup effect for you. Many large customers from Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan have benefited greatly from our products. It is our consistent purpose to provide all customers with high-quality Eyelashes Extension products with competitive prices.

  • Eyelash Extension Glue

    Eyelash Extension Glue

    Many customers will have this problem when they buy new glue eyelash extension. Why is it not as lasting as before? This is because each glue has different consistency and formula. If you use different glue than before, you must change the grafting method. Of course, there are other reasons.
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  • Cluster Lash Glue

    Cluster Lash Glue

    Long lasting cluster Lash Glue black 5ml / 0.17 floz.For applying Lash Cluster Extension use.And you could DIY eyelash extensions with this cluster Lash Glue by yourself.Very convenient and practical.
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  • High Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers

    High Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers

    Buy High Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers at low price from Stainless Steel Tweezers factory, Meteor lashes provides high quality Stainless Steel Tweezers from China, cooperate with us now and get the lowest price.
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  • Magnetic Eyeliner

    Magnetic Eyeliner

    Looking for a Magnetic Eyeliner manufacturer from China, Meteor lashes is your first choice, specializing in the production of Stainless Steel Tweezers for decades, with absolute market appeal in terms of quality, price, service, etc.
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  • Better Lash Shampoo

    Better Lash Shampoo

    Wholesale low price Lash Shampoo, choose Meteor lashes factory, At Meteor lashes factory, we believe in providing only the best products for your industry. We have a wide range of capabilities and products including Eyelash Extension, Eyelash Extension Tools and more. From production to after-sales, we strive to provide you with better service.
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  • Stainless Steel Tweezers

    Stainless Steel Tweezers

    Choose high-quality stainless steel material, so that stainless steel tweezers scan be used for a long time without rust and deformation. Meteor Lashes is one of the leading wholesale Stainless Steel Tweezers manufacturer and supplier and exporter and factory and wholesaler in China, welcome customized Stainless Steel Tweezers for sale.
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  • Magic Eyeliner

    Magic Eyeliner

    As a manufacturer, we can supply wholesale kinds of eyelashes extensions for you to choose. Magic Eyeliner, Faux mink lashes, Eyeliner Glue Pen, Premade Volume Eyelash Extension, Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extension and Easy Fan lashes and so on.
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  • Lash Shampoo

    Lash Shampoo

    Use Eyelash Shampoo daily to wash your lashes...Keep your lash line clean & free from oils,make-up & build up of bacterias that form lash lice... Click "send inquiry" below to obtain the quotation of high quality newest lashes shampoo.
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  • Lash Extension Tweezers

    Lash Extension Tweezers

    Choose high-quality stainless steel material, so that Lash extension tweezers can be used for a long time without rust and deformation.The eyelash extension tweezers made for eyelash grafting are 100% closed and easy to grip the eyelashes. Work well to maneuver into any direction or angle with fine pointed tips.
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  • Lash Extension Tape

    Lash Extension Tape

    Lash Extension Tape is a accessory for the application of eyelash extensions; Clean tape with good sanitary, non-toxin.
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  • Eyelash Pad

    Eyelash Pad

    Our Eyelash Pad has a nice soft resistance do you have more control over your lashes and less hand strain from use!
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  • Eyelash Glue Remover

    Eyelash Glue Remover

    The Eyelash Glue Remover can be fast remove in one min,remove clean no residue,no irritation and don't hurt natural eyelash.
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