Lash extension cleanser

Meteor Lashes factory is proud to present a safe and quality lash extension cleanser that will eliminate dirt, oils, and residues leaving you with clean, healthy and good looking lashes!

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Lash extension cleanser


1. Introduction of lash extension cleanser

Meteor Lashes factory is proud to present a safe and quality lash extension cleanser that will eliminate dirt, oils, and residues leaving you with clean, healthy and good looking lashes!


2. Parameter of lash extension cleanser


  Eyelash Shampoo



  Skin Type

  Normal skin




  Effectively cleanse makeup resides, no irritation to skin

  OEM Service

  Customized packaging and logo


3. Features and application of lash extension cleanser


Deep Cleaning - You are aware of the significance of having clean lashes. Nobody wants poor adhesive retention caused by dirty lashes, of course! The filth, oil, and makeup residue that can be found in lashes have been specifically targeted by this foamy lash cleanser. With the help of this eyelash extension foamy shampoo of professional grade, extend the life of your lashes right now!

Meteor lashes’ lash extension cleanser contains nourishing,easy-on-the-eyes ingredients to prevent irritation.
Removes oils & make-up residue to extend the life of your lashes.
Perfect for professionals and ideal for at-home aftercare.
To ensure the highest quality standards are met.


4. Details of lash extension cleanser

You won't have any justification for letting your lashes get unclean because this lash wash is so easy to use. For clean, healthy, and long-lasting lashes, just adhere to the procedures listed below!


How to use the lash extension cleaner:

Using the foamy pump, dispense a tiny amount of shampoo onto the brush.

To eliminate oil and makeup residue, apply the shampoo to the lashes and the area around the eyes.

Brush the lashes up and down while using soft strokes.

Use water to thoroughly rinse.

To dry, fan or pat.

Use a clean mascara brush or lash wand to gently brush the lashes.

For optimal effects, use everyday or a few times per week.


5. Products qualification of lash extension cleanser


Meteor Lashes offers top-notch salon supplies made especially to improve your services and guarantee you have flawless lashes every single day to eyelash extension experts and their clients. To ensure that they live up to our high standards, skilled lash artists test every one of our items.


You're in excellent hands because we designed our goods based on our own expertise in the lash business over the course of many years. You may be confident that you're always getting the best things because we only release goods that surpass our standards.


Deliver, shipping , and serving of lash extension cleanser

Manufacturer of professional ODM and OEM eyelash shampoo products for over ten years. We appreciate your cooperation. One of the top wholesale high-quality new Lash Shampoo producers, suppliers, exporters, factories, and wholesalers in China is Meteor Lashes. Customized Lash Shampoo orders are welcome. Our Lash Shampoo is of high quality, is long-lasting, and is actually created in China. It supports customized wholesale, sells more and more discounts, has a sufficient supply, affordable pricing, and offers free samples. We also offer a product pricing list; feel free to get in touch with us to talk about collaborating.


6. FAQ


Q1: Is cleaning the lash extensions at home OK?


A1: Yes. With the right lash extension cleanser, following the right steps, it is safe to clean the lash extensions at home.


Q2: Is OEM/ODM a possibility?


A2: OEM/ODM services are offered.


Q3: Do you offer samples? Free or for a fee?


A3: The first sample is free; however, any additional items and delivery charges must be paid for. For further information, please contact us.


Q4: What is your MOQ?


A4: The majority of our items have a MOQ of 1 piece. To learn more, get in touch with us.


Q5: Are you a manufacturing or a trade company?


A5: We are a manufacturer with over ten years of experience producing eyelash items. Welcome to the factory tour.

Lash extension cleanser suppliers

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