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As a manufacturer, we can supply wholesale kinds of eyelashes extensions for you to choose.Best premade lash extension fans, 3D silk synthetic eyelashes, Faux mink lashes, Premade Volume Eyelash Extension, Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extension and Easy Fan lashes and so on.

Product Description

China premade lash extension fans Manufacturers

What is premade Lash Extension Fans?

Unlike false lashes, eyelash extensions are a longer-lasting solution to beautify your own natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are placed on your own lashes one at a time by a professional beautician or beautician. Eyelashes are made of natural materials (such as silk or mink) or synthetic plastic fibers.

Features of Premade Lash Extension Fans:

PRO LASH Premade Fan Eyelash Extensions: Short Stem. Available styles: 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 10D. Curl: C/D. Thickness: 0.07/0.10. Lengths: 9mm to 20mm and mixed lengths. If you need 3D 5D 7D 8D 10D please select this ASIN: B09JYTRZ1S.

DENSE ROOT: We use a unique double thermal bonding method to ensure a very dense root, which means the fan won't spread out easily, but can be easily gripped with tweezers.

Pro Point Thin Base: Using thermal bonding instead of glue at the root of the lashes makes the root of the lashes very slender, easy to apply, and blends better with the glue for a more natural, lighter finish.

HARMFUL MATERIAL: Made of high quality PBT fiber, totally cruelty-free, very soft and comfortable. Added baking technology to make the curvature of the prefab fans more durable and softer. PRO LASH prefabricated fans are made of black PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). PBT is characterized by its natural appearance and high temperature resistance. The lashes are soft, light and matte dark, just like real human lashes.

Durable Curl: Premade eyelash extensions are double heated and curled during the manufacturing process, with good flexibility and will not warp due to force. The extension will last for the life of your natural lashes.

SAVE TIME: Add extra volume to your classic set and save time on your volume set with our lightweight premade volume fans. These long-handled pre-made lashes are available for beginners or experienced lash artists.

China best premade lash extension fans Manufacturers

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Question1: How long do remade lash extension fans usually last?

Answer: Pre-made eyelash extensions usually last 3 months. Most of my clients do this and it lasts longer when combined with the Lash Shampoo Cleansing Foam.

Question2: What is the difference between classic and remade lash extension fans?

Answer: The curling eyelashes are ready, you can choose 3D 4D 6D, you can add so many eyelashes at one time.

Question3: Do remade lash extension fans look natural?

Answer: Yes, the prefab fans are made of high quality premium black PBT material. Matte finish, just like your own lashes.

Question4: Do these remade lash extension fans save grafting time?

Answer: Indeed! ! These pre-made fan lashes cut down the time I spend doing curling lashes. It's easy to apply and my clients love it, so we highly recommend it.

China best premade lash extension fans Suppliers

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