Brown Eyelash Extensions

Hand Making your own fans? We got you! At Meteor lashes Professional, we do our best to provide the highest quality lash supply. our Brown Eyelash Extensions, Easy Fanning Lashes, offers a mette finish and they're available from 6mm to 24mm.

Product Description

China Brown eyelash extensions suppliers

Introduction of brown eyelash extensions

All eyelash extension are using the most advanced manufacturing process, with longer stereotypes time, to create a more lasting makeup effect for you. Brown eyelash extensions are the original style and remain popular with clients who want more natural but eye-catching lashes. Brown eyelash extensions provide you with length, curl and darkness. This technique is very suitable for you who have a complete natural eyelash line and lack length, curl and darkness. These lashes are relaxed and natural, giving you the ultimate mascara look.


Parameter (Specification) of brown eyelash extensions


  brown eyelash extensions


  Top Korean PBT Fiber






  6-24mm or mixed


  OEM Service

  Custom   eyelash packaging box and logo


Feature And Application of brown eyelash extensions

Meteor lashes’s Easy fan lashes extremely soft, natural with high gloss to create a perfectly attractive look, professional use eyelash extensions, wearing like your own lashes.

The curl can last for a long time and there is obvious waterproof, no deformation. 

Application: False eyelashes are a common makeup tool. Many girls with short or thick eyelashes will stick false eyelashes. In fact, false eyelashes are also divided into many types. What are the types of false eyelashes?

What? What is the material of false eyelashes?

What types of false eyelashes are there?

1. Handmade eyelashes; pure handmade, pulling up eyelashes one by one, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. However, the process is complex and output is limited by labor.

2. Semi-manual eyelashes; the first few processes are done by machine, and the last two processes are also done manually. The finished lashes are relatively flat and beautiful.

3. Mechanical eyelashes; it is mainly made by machines, but a small part requires labor. The product has beautiful appearance, low cost and large output.

What types of false eyelashes are there?

1. Natural types; natural shapes are also known as elegant shapes. It is longer, denser and more curved than real lashes. If you like naturally beautiful lashes and don't like to be spotted and processed, this style is a great choice! Perfect for the workplace and understated needs. This style puts less pressure on the lashes and is comfortable on the eyes. This style is recommended if you are using lashes for the first time.

2. Dense; Dense shapes, also known as Barbie shapes, are densified over natural shapes. One real eyelash plus 2 to 3 false eyelashes. When it's done, the eyes are changed a lot and the makeup is strong. When people look at you, they are attracted to the shimmering lashes. At the same time, it is also a magic weapon to enhance self-confidence in social situations.

3. Exaggerated type; Exaggerated shapes, also known as Cleopatra, are denser shapes based on densification and extension. It is 1 times longer than real eyelashes and 3 to 4 times denser than real eyelashes. Very pretty when done, but the lashes are short and thin. They can't stand the length and density of this style. At the same time, it will remain short.


Detail of brown eyelash extensions


China Customized Brown eyelash extensions suppliersBrown eyelash extensionsBrown eyelash extensions


The eyelash extension are made with finest Korean PBT fiber. Meteor lashes's Classic lashes are 100% handmade by experienced workers.


Brown eyelash extensions


Easy to pick: Easy fan eyelash extensions can be easily removed from the transfer belt. Paper strips can be easily removed from the principle.

Non-stick: Introducing a new non-adhesive tape to ensure that there is no glue on the eyelashes after separation from the tape.


Customized Brown eyelash extensions


China Brown Eyelash Extensions suppliers

Product Qualification of brown eyelash extensions

All eyelash extension are using the most advanced manufacturing process, with longer stereotypes time, to create a more lasting makeup effect for you. Many big customers from Europe, USA, Australia and Japan have benefited a lot from our product, to provide all the customers top quality product with competitive price is our purpose all along.


Customized Brown eyelash extensionsCustomized Brown eyelash extensionsBrown eyelash extensions

Customized Brown eyelash extensionsBrown eyelash extensionsBrown eyelash extensions


China Brown Eyelash Extensions suppliers and manufacturers

Deliver, Shipping And Serving of brown eyelash extensions

Professional ODM&OEM Easy Fan eyelashes Products Manufacturer for over 10 years. We appreciate cooperation with you. Meteor lashes is a professional Brown eyelash extensions manufacturer, supplier and manufacturer. It supports customized wholesale, sells more and more discounts, we have sufficient inventory, low prices, free samples, our Brown eyelash extensions is of good quality, durable, and truly made in China. We also provide a product price list, welcome to contact us to discuss cooperation. The products are of good quality, cheap, large discounts, sufficient inventory, product price list, support customization, durable, worthy of your trust.


Customized Brown eyelash extensionsChina Customized Brown eyelash extensions suppliers



Q1: If OEM/ODM is available?

A1: Yes, OEM/ODM is available.

Q2: Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

A2: The first sample is free, and the subsequent products and shipping costs need to be paid. Please contact us for details.

Q3: What is your MOQ?

A3: Our MOQ is 1 pieces for most products. Contact us for more detail.

Q4: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A4: We are a manufacturer which is specialized in the production of eyelashes products over 10 years. Welcome to visit our factory.

China Customized Brown eyelash extensions

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