False eyelashes individual

False eyelashes individual is a kind of artificial eyelashes used to beautify the eyes. Generally, by lengthening and thickening the eyelashes, the eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller and more divine.

Product Description

China False eyelashes individual manufacturer

China False eyelashes individual

Meteor lashes factory is a False eyelashes individual manufacturer. Our False eyelashes individuals drive the industry forward with new levels of quality, service, delivery and innovation.

False eyelashes individual

About this product:

High quality lashes that are soft, silky and shiny. Can be removed with eye makeup remover.

Easy to use and comfortable to wear!

False eyelashes individual features: lash extensions, individual lash clusters

Made from high quality synthetic fibers, these individual false eyelash clusters are perfect for professionals, makeup salons, beauty schools, makeup artists, and personal home use, among others.


Create Your Own Custom Eyelash Look: Create your own custom look based on the look you want. Different effects can be grafted, open eyes, cat eyes and dramatic eyes. Cluster lashes are also great for professionals, makeup salons, beauty schools and makeup artists, etc.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Single eyelash extensions are made of high quality fibers, three times faster than single eyelashes, easier, weight-free, knot-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and comfortable to wear.

Natural Look: These faux mink cluster lashes look as natural as classic lash extensions! They hardly feel like they have volume lash extensions. These lashes are great for enhancing your everyday look.

EASY TO USE: Easy to get out of the box and won't spill. Use tweezers to pick up the lashes from the base, not the tip. Easy to apply and remove. They can be removed with eye makeup remover.

False eyelashes individual product description:

False eyelashes are made entirely by hand with high quality synthetic fibers that look natural and feel great for everyday use

100% brand new

Material: Top Korean PBT Fiber

Very soft and comfortable to wear

Perfect for occasions like parties or professional makeup

Very convenient to use, can make your eyes look bright and charming

Can be removed with eye makeup remover

Can be reused when applied

how to use?

Carefully remove the lashes from the box with tweezers

Compare false eyelashes with your liner length and trim to the right length and width

Add a cotton swab to the root of the false eyelashes

Use pressure to hold lashes at the base of natural lashes

If desired, apply eyeshadow or eyeliner for a more natural look

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China False eyelashes individual Suppliers

False eyelashes individual Suppliers

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