After Grafting Eyelashes, How To Wash Your Face To Avoid Eyelashes Falling?

Grafting Eyelashes

How To Wash Your Face To Avoid Eyelashes Falling

After grafting eyelashes, if you touch water or wash your face immediately, the eyelashes will fall off quickly! So how to wash your face after grafting eyelashes? After grafting eyelashes, how long will eyelashes fall more slowly when touching water?

How long can grafted eyelashes touch water?

Grafted eyelashes are grafted by bonding false eyelashes to their own eyelashes with fast drying glue, so it's best not to touch water within 3-4 hours after the operation is completed. After 4 hours, you can touch the water at will after the glue is completely dry, but you should pay special attention to the method when washing your face, otherwise it will easily cause the grafted false eyelashes to fall.


After Grafting Eyelashes, How To Wash Your Face To Avoid Eyelashes Falling


How to wash your face after grafting eyelashes?

Step 1: take an appropriate amount of cleanser

Apply proper amount of cleansing mousse or cleanser to the palm. Because the grafted eyelashes are bonded with glue, try to choose a mild cleanser to avoid causing the glue to dissolve and causing the eyelashes to fall.

Step 2: wash the face

Rub the cleansing cream into the foam, then evenly spread the foam onto the face (remember to avoid the root of the eyelash) and massage the face. However, the strength of face washing must be gentle. Don't rub your face, especially around your eyes. Girls can gently press with a wet towel when cleaning your eyes, so as to avoid rubbing your eyelashes as much as possible. If you can't determine your strength with a towel, dip an appropriate amount of warm water with a cotton swab or makeup remover cotton, screw it dry and gently wipe around your eyes.

Grafted eyelashes don't wash your face with hot water!

After grafting eyelashes, avoid using hot water to wash your face in the first few days, or use hot water generated by steam to wash your face, so as to avoid steam fumigating the grafted eyelashes around the eyes, affecting the viscosity of glue and causing the loss of grafted eyelashes. Affect its holding time.