Are eyelash extensions harmful to the eyes? Is it suitable for everyone?

Are eyelash extensions harmful to the eyes

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Everyone has the right to pursue beauty, especially in contemporary society, where material life is greatly satisfied, and everyone must have a higher desire for beauty. More and more people are choosing to extend eyelashes by eyelash extensions, making eyelashes thicker and curled. In addition to enlarging the eyes, it can also make the eyes deeper and make the makeup more beautiful. Regarding the question of whether grafting eyelashes is harmful to the eyes, It has become a hot topic of discussion.


Are eyelash extensions harmful to the eyes


1. Grafting eyelashes itself will not hurt


Grafting eyelashes itself will not cause any damage or impact to the eyes. The reason why some people experience eyelash discomfort or even redness, swelling, tingling and infection after grafting eyelashes is that the main reason is that their eyelids are sensitive, and eyelash grafting may not be suitable for them. Another main reason is that the operator's skills are not very good, or the eyelash materials are not particularly formal, safe and healthy. These external factors will cause eyelash grafting to be harmful. However, it should be noted that eyelash extension itself is actually safe. .


2. Grafting eyelashes depends on personal circumstances


Generally speaking, grafting eyelashes is actually suitable for everyone, but after all, everyone has individual differences. After some people have grafted eyelashes, their eyes are not very comfortable and their acceptance is not very high, which will affect their daily work. This type of group is Not suitable for grafting eyelashes. There are also some people with sensitive eyelids or problems with eyelid hair follicles. In this case, it is recommended not to blindly graft eyelashes. Instead, consult a professional beautician to see if your situation is suitable for grafting eyelashes.


Is grafted eyelashes harmful to the eyes? There is no absolute standard answer. It needs to be analyzed in combination with the specific situation. The matter of grafting eyelashes itself will not cause damage to the eyes, but if the material you choose for eyelashes is not very good, Or the technical level of the operator is not very high, so it may cause damage and influence to the eyes and eyelids virtually, and even inflammation may occur. It is very important to graft eyelashes through regular beauty institutions.