Are eyelash extensions prices? How much is it?

Are eyelash extensions prices? How much is it?


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Because it takes a long time to graft eyelashes, basically, it takes about an hour to graft eyelashes. If the style is very complicated, the time will be longer. Now when grafting eyelashes, in order to be more realistic, many eyelashes are grafted one by one, and before grafting, it is necessary to choose the style and length of the eyelashes for a while. So is the price of eyelash extensions more expensive? How much budget do you need to prepare if you want to extend your eyelashes yourself?

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Look at the type of eyelashes

Regarding the price of eyelash extensions, depending on the type of false eyelashes you choose, the price is also three to sixty-nine. Grafting eyelashes now ranges from more than one hundred yuan to several hundred yuan or even thousands of yuan. However, different eyelash materials have different grafting effects, and there will be certain differences in the maintenance time. For consumers, after grafting eyelashes, they definitely want to keep them longer, so that their beauty can be retained for a longer time.

see brand selection

The same is to do eyelash extensions, but the brands and venues chosen are different, so the price of eyelash extensions is different. Generally speaking, if grafting is done in a well-known store, the cost will definitely be higher. But if you do it in a small shop, you can save a lot in terms of cost. But generally speaking, because of the high reputation and good reputation of big brands and big stores, they will be more skilled in technology, and the effect of eyelashes will be better and more stable, which is why many people will choose famous ones. One of the main reasons for doing eyelash extensions in stores.

Seeing this, do you already have a general concept about the price of eyelash extensions? In fact, compared with other beauty items, the cost of extending eyelashes is not very high, so if you want to become beautiful, you can try it now to see how beautiful you are after extending your eyelashes.