Are magnetic lashes safe for your eyes?

Are magnetic lashes safe for your eyes

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If the thought of holding metal magnetic clips to your precious eyes makes you break a sweat, take a moment to breathe. For the most part, Magnetic Lashes are safe -- as long as you treat them as tenants who aren't overly welcoming.


Are magnetic lashes safe for your eyes


"I think Magnetic Lashes are safe if you wear them occasionally. I don't recommend using them for everyday use. For example, if you wear them for too long, or sleep with Magnetic Lashes on, it could cause eyelid infections or lashes to fall out," Gafni said. "I think they're great for special occasions, but shouldn't be your go-to for everyday makeup."


And, because Magnetic Lashes are easier to remove, they can be handled with less care than with traditional methods involving glue. This can also lead to further irritation and risk of eye infection.


"Magnetic Lashes appear to be generally safe when used correctly, and definitely solves problems that may have glued lashes together," says Bryant. "You're still dealing with the delicate eye area, so I recommend using lightweight products (from well-known brands) that don't weigh heavily on your lids, changing them often and taking the time to lightly apply or remove Magnetic Eyeliner or Magnetic Lashes ."


Are magnetic lashes safe for your eyes?


Magnetic eyelashes are considered safer than other types of false eyelashes that use potentially harmful glues. However, it's possible for any product you use around the eyes to be harmful. Your risk may be higher if you use the product incorrectly, or if you have sensitive skin and eyes.


Magnetic Lashes Pros and Cons:


Pros: These tiny magnets appear easier than sticky eyelashes because their application doesn't require potentially harsh glues, and the removal process is often less time-consuming than traditional false eyelashes.


Cons: Magnetic Lashes can have side effects, especially for those with already sensitive eyes or skin.


Some side effects of using magnetic lashes can include:


Contact dermatitis


Eye infections, such as conjunctivitis


Irritation to the sensitive skin on the eyelids






Triggering certain types of hair loss, such as traction alopecia


Reaction to the iron oxides found in magnetic eyeliner


Excessive weight damaging or pulling out hair from the lash follicles


As with lash extensions, bearing extra weight over time may cause natural lashes to fall out or even leave bald spots along the lash line. However, the lashes that come with magnetic liner adhere to the eyeliner, which is on the eyelid skin. Thus, it shouldn't cause lash loss in most people unless there is an allergic reaction to the liner or lashes themselves.


While it's generally thought that magnetic false lashes are safer than false lashes that use glue, which can be very irritating for the eyes, they can also be harmful to your natural lashes if used incorrectly. This can cause breakage or the natural lashes to grow in the wrong direction - otherwise known as ingrown lashes.


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Safety First


There's also some concern over the health risks of iron oxides, which are mineral deposits that can cause staining of the skin, and one of the ingredients found in magnetic liner. However, iron oxide is found in a variety of makeup products, including traditional eyeliner , and is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The iron oxide in the magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn't have ferrous or ferric oxides.


It’s always best to practice safety first and speak with your doctor. Consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist before using any type of false eyelashes, especially if you have medical concerns or any preexisting eye conditions.


You can also try a patch test of any new-to-you products on less sensitive parts of the body like the back of your hand before applying them to your face. In order to prevent eye infections, eyelid or skin damage, it's also imperative to remove your eye makeup completely at the end of the day. Practicing the proper techniques in the application of magnetic lashes may also minimize their damaging effects such as breakage, lash or hair loss and skin irritation.


Magnetic Lashes remove Dos:


When removing Magnetic Lashes, do it slowly and smoothly to avoid pulling your natural lashes from the follicles.


To remove Magnetic Lashes, gently pull the top lashes apart by lifting them up and pulling the bottom lashes down.


You can also slide the top and bottom magnets separately from each other.


Are magnetic lashes safe for your eyes


Notes on Magnetic Lashes Removal:


Do not pull the Magnetic Lashes straight off, as this may damage your natural lashes or tear them off.


Do not separate them with your thumb and forefinger.