Are mega volume lashes safe?

Are mega volume lashes safe

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We wanted to address one of the primary problems that Lash Artists may have from their clients because Mega Volume and Russian Volume lash extensions are proving to be more popular than ever.


Are mega volume lashes safe?


Everyone wants a pair of jaw-dropping, incredibly dense, show-stopping mega volume lash extensions, but will your natural lashes suffer as a result? You'll be relieved to learn that we strongly disagree.


Actually, the reverse is true. Heavenly compatibility!


The weight of a single mega volume fan is comparable to that of a standard lash. Therefore, mega volume lashes can really assist promote healthier lashes than traditional lashes with the proper isolation and positioning! Additionally, our ultra-soft lash attachment to the natural lash is just 0.07-0.10mm, allowing the natural lash to move and develop freely. 


Are mega volume lashes safe?

Mega volume lashes are safe for your natural lashes, just like every other type of lash extension, provided they are applied properly. And when those lovely lashes have been done, don't forget to take care of them properly.


We'll explain how to apply mega volume lashes safely so you can make sure your natural lashes are safeguarded while doing so!


Just like classic and traditional volume lashes, mega volume lash extensions are safe for natural lashes if the extensions are applied correctly. Do you know what is considered a properly applied set of lashes?


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First you should do the adequate isolation

It is an essential component of every set of eyelash extensions. With mega volume lashes, adequate isolation is first and foremost a must. The extensions and natural lashes will all adhere to one another if the lashes are not adequately isolated. Your lash customer will suffer discomfort as a result, and their natural lashes will also be ruined.


And it won't look nice either! You will struggle to keep your lash customers if you don't practice adequate isolation. Who wants to have someone hurt them while having their eyelashes done? For this situation, beauty does not mean suffering.


Then select the Proper Adhesive

Additionally, the right quantity of lash glue must be used to create a suitable set of mega volume lashes. If you apply too much lash glue, it will not only cause the extensions and natural lashes to adhere to one another but also add too much weight. Poor retention and spontaneous lash breakage are two effects of excess weight. 


Lastly, a fan of extensions shouldn’t be too heavy. The weight of the fan is important for long-lasting lashes, avoiding breaking the natural lash, and avoiding the lash extensions from drooping. Mega volume lashes are no different! But, mega volume does take a little more calculation on your end to figure out the weight.


Don’t worry, I’m not talking calculus, just basic math. To do this basic lash math, you just need to know the lash weight of each diameter you are using to create the fan. By knowing that, you will know how many extensions you can put into your fans to keep your client’s natural lashes healthy and strong.


Extensions fans shouldn't be overly bulky. For long-lasting lashes, to prevent damaging the natural lash, and to prevent the lash extensions from sagging, the fan's weight is crucial. The same applies to mega volume lashes! Mega volume, however, does need a bit more work on your part to calculate the weight.


To make the fan, all you need to know is the lash weight of each diameter. Knowing that will help you choose how many extensions to use in your fans to maintain the health and strength of your customer's natural lashes.


Are mega volume lashes safe?


Right choice, safety for beauty

Mega volume lash extensions have been shown to be safe for natural lashes, but we're also here to inform you that they are also healthier. Perfect application is essential since wearing mega volume lashes will truly make your customer feel lighter and gentler.


For maximum volume without the need for extra mascara, mega volume eyelash extensions are the best option! This lash style improves your lash appearance and gives you a dramatic look. Babes who enjoy going out at night but don't want to go to the trouble of using many coats of mascara to give a little additional flare may adore the impression of super volume lashes.