Are you still worried about eyelash extensions?

Are you still worried about eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions

What are eyelashes?


Eyelashes are one of the appendages of the eye, and their main function is to protect the eyeball. In the anatomical position, it is mainly located on the front lip of the upper and lower eyelid, with 2-3 rows of thick rods and short hairs. The upper eyelid has about 100-150 more eyelashes than the lower eyelid, and the length is 8-12mm. There are about 50-70 eyelashes on the lower eyelid, and the length is 6-8mm. When the eyes are open and looking forward, the inclination of the upper eyelashes is 110-130 degrees, and when the eyelids are closed, the inclination of the eyelashes is 140-160 degrees. There is no obvious gender. difference. Eyelashes can protect the eyes. People with short eyelashes can choose the method of grafting eyelashes for improvement. Grafting eyelashes is actually using false eyelashes to stick to the roots of real eyelashes to make eyelashes longer and make eyes beautiful.


Are you still worried about eyelash extensions?


Why Eyelash Extensions?


Because many people's eyelashes are congenitally short and sparse, which makes them look expressionless and listless. Short and few eyelashes will also make people feel that their eyes are squinting, which directly affects a person's entire image. Especially female friends with big eyes and long eyelashes can be more beautiful and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Therefore, people with sparse eyelashes will choose eyelash extensions to make themselves more attractive.


Are you still worried about eyelash extensions?


What are the ways to lengthen eyelashes?


The common ways to grow eyelashes are as follows: there are some substances such as Vaseline, tea, vitamin E and olive oil to smear on the eyelashes, and long-term persistence can also make the eyelashes grow.


We can also extend eyelashes by directly wearing false eyelashes and eyelash extension, these two methods are more commonly used in daily life.


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Eyelash extension surgery: Eyelash extension surgery is mainly to plant one root of false eyelashes on the real eyelashes through surgery, so as to achieve post-operative like real eyelashes.


Are you still worried about eyelash extensions?


How long do eyelashes last?


Generally, the natural growth of eyelashes lasts the longest; the second is eyelash planting, but this is quite expensive; there is false eyelashes, as long as false eyelashes are worn directly, they can make eyelashes thicker and longer, but you need to wear makeup every day , the price is relatively affordable.


So now if your eyelashes are short and few, you really don't have to worry about it. Many technologies now can help you achieve the effect of longer and thicker eyelashes, so that you no longer have to worry about the problem of eyelashes.