Basic knowledge of grafting eyelashes

Basic knowledge of grafting eyelashes


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I believe that girls are not unfamiliar with eyelash grafting, and they have all experienced the kind of big eyes after grafting. Grafting eyelashes is to achieve the purpose of grafting eyelashes by pasting false eyelashes on the eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes is to clean each eyelash, and then stick a special glue under the eye according to the arc of the eye, and use a black glue to stick the false eyelashes one by one to the eyelashes of the human body, so that It can achieve the purpose of grafting eyelashes.

Basic knowledge of grafting eyelashes

Can everyone get eyelash extensions?

For this problem, grafting eyelashes still depends on the individual's eyelash constitution. If the eyelashes themselves are thick and curled, the effect of this kind of eyelashes is the best. After grafting eyelashes, not only thick, curled but also a lot of growth, but also very natural and comfortable. If your own eyelashes are short and not curled enough, you can wear false eyelashes or eyelash transplantation to achieve thicker and curled eyelashes.

How long can grafted eyelashes last?

After grafting the eyelashes, we try not to touch the eyelashes. Usually, the eyelashes will fall off when washing your face or when some MMs rub their eyes. In this way, the grafted eyelashes can last longer. Under normal circumstances, the grafted eyelashes can last about 2 months, if they are well maintained, the maintenance time will be longer.

Through the common sense of eyelash grafting introduced above, I believe you also understand the related issues of grafting eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes must be based on your own physical conditions to decide whether to graft eyelashes or eyelash transplant surgery, so as to achieve better results.