Can you swim with eyelash extensions

Can you swim with eyelash extensions

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People who have eyelash extensions have bigger, shiny, long and thick eyelashes, and they are more popular with the opposite sex. The lashes give them new glamour. But in summer, many people will go to the swimming pool to swim. At this time, they will worry about whether the eyelashes can go in. So, Can you swim with eyelash extensions? Now let's explain it.


Can you swim with eyelash extensions


Under normal circumstances, we still recommend not swimming with eyelashes, otherwise it will cause adverse effects. There are a lot of facial bacteria in the swimming pool. After the eyelash grafting is done, the place where the eyelashes are grafted may be infected and cause damage, which will also affect the overall recovery after the operation, so swimming is not allowed for a short time. Eyelash implants mainly plant hair follicles at the root of the eyelashes to make the eyelashes thick or slender, and also enhance personal beauty or temperament. Eyelash extensions can make eyelashes thick and beautiful, and can enhance the temperament of the whole face. During the recovery period, you should also pay attention to dietary adjustments, reduce spicy and seafood foods, and avoid throwing heavy objects or strenuous exercise.


Do not swim eyelashes, it may affect the effect of eyelashes. When grafting eyelashes, it is usually fixed by glue to achieve the effect of vacation. If you go swimming after grafting eyelashes, bacterial infection may occur, and it will also affect the effect of the show. Swimming is possible. And also do a good job of nursing, try not to touch the water and wash your face too early to avoid some bad symptoms. Take more rest in your daily life, maintain adequate sleep and a good mood, and try not to rub your eyes with your hands.


If you soak in water for a long time, the glue may fall off, so try to wear swimming goggles when swimming to protect the newly grafted eyelashes.


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Finally, Meteor lashes factory advises women who have done eyelash extensions, try not to use oily makeup products after eyelash extensions. For example, makeup remover or waterproof mascara, these are relatively oily, and their oiliness will erode the glue, and the viscosity of the glue will decrease, causing the eyelashes to fall off too quickly. In addition, in addition to trying to avoid using oily cosmetics, try to avoid eyelash curling and eyelash curling. Because eyelash curling and eyelash curling will make the eyelashes frizzy and fragile, which will cause the eyelashes to break easily. In addition to affecting the effect of eyelash grafting, it will also cause a certain degree of damage to our eyelashes.