Classic eyelash extensions price

Classic eyelash extensions price

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Eyelashes have a very important position in the eyes of modern women and even men, especially female stars and male stars, they need eyelashes to set off the charm of big eyes. But many people don't know much about "classic eyelash extensions price", which makes some people dare not use classic eyelash extensions, or even don't know the relevant information of classic eyelash extensions. So, What is the price of classic eyelash extensions? Now let’s introduce them.


Classic eyelash extensions price


Eyelash transplant price? At present, there are two ways to grow eyelashes, one is to graft eyelashes, and the other is to transplant hair follicles to grow eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes is a short-term type of eyelashes. It is a method of glue sticking to complete the planting of false eyelashes. The effect can last for more than a month. The principle of transplanting hair follicles to grow eyelashes is similar to hair transplant. After the hair follicles are mature, the eyelashes can basically be maintained for a long time. , so the price is more expensive, around 4000~8000 yuan.


The main factors that affect the price of this surgery are:


1. The actual situation and needs of the treatment site of the beauty seeker have a great impact on the price of the surgery. Because different requirements directly lead to different surgical plans, which leads to different surgical methods and different prices.


2. The price of this operation is related to the hospital selected by the beauty seeker. Each hospital has different medical equipment, expert level and use of surgical plans. Some well-known hospitals and experienced doctors will be more expensive. .


3. The price of the surgery has a great relationship with the region. For example, for the same surgery, the price is naturally a little more expensive in a big city; on the contrary, it may be cheaper; this has a great relationship with the region, and it should also be considered. Factors such as the doctor's experience therefore contributed to these differences.


Classic eyelash extensions


The above is "classic eyelash extensions price", China Meteor lashes factory is a professional supplier of classic eyelash extensions, if you want to know the price related to classic eyelash extensions, you can leave us a message, thank you.

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