Classic eyelash types and common sense

Classic eyelash types and common sense

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Big eyes and long eyelashes are the dreams of many female friends! Thick and classic eyelashes can make the eyes look extraordinarily beautiful. It can be said that the thick and curled eyelashes are really the finishing touch on the face! However, there are still a few women who are born with such perfect eyelashes. Most people's eyelashes are either short, sparse, or worn down. Even applying mascara on such eyelashes will not have any good effect. In fact, the impact of eyelashes on the overall appearance Really can not be underestimated, then if you want to have thick eyelashes, it is nothing more than: brushing mascara, using classic eyelashes, wearing false eyelashes, planting eyelashes, grafting eyelashes, now we will talk about the types of classic eyelashes and common sense.


Classic Lashes


What are the types of classic eyelashes?

1. Types of classic eyelash techniques: Japanese, Korean and European styles are common, among which Japanese style has inspired single grafting, smudged eyelashes, jewelry inlaid eyelashes, eyelash curling and so on. Korean style has wings grafted. European style has quick grafting, and Swiss eyelash surgery is also a kind of manicure.

2. Types of classic eyelashes: according to the thickness of the eyelashes, there are three types: elegant, Barbie, and Cleopatra; according to the arrangement, it can be divided into fan-shaped and flying-shaped; according to the volume, it can be divided into J roll, C roll and B roll; according to Thickness can be divided into 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.2 mm and flowering eyelashes and so on.

3. Classification of classic eyelashes materials: generally there are ordinary fiber materials, as well as silk protein, and more valuable mink hair. The price is from low to high. The principle is to graft on the original eyelashes to extend the eyelashes or It is the purpose of modification, which are several main materials.

Classic eyelash tips:

Will classic eyelashes fall out?

Will do. This is normal, because human eyelashes themselves will fall off with metabolism, but new eyelashes will grow, and eyelashes are generally grafted on the original eyelashes, it will not fall off but because the original eyelashes Eyelashes will fall, so the classic eyelashes will also fall, and you need to graft on the newly grown eyelashes.

How to choose classic eyelashes?

When choosing classic eyelashes, you need to choose according to your own eyelashes. In principle, there should not be too obvious changes. You need to consider the thickness and length of the eyelashes, and also consider the thickness and shape of the eyelashes. Although there are many types, in fact It's not that difficult, as long as you master the difference in thickness, shape, and length, it's easy to know the right eyelashes for you.


Classic Lashes


The above is the "classic eyelashes types and common sense" for you. If you also want to have classic eyelashes, please contact us for wholesale customization Eyelash Extension products, and professionally solve the problem of different women's eyelash extensions.