Different ways to lengthen eyelashes

Different ways to lengthen eyelashes

lengthen eyelashes

Eyelash Extension

Long and thick eyelashes are what every girl wants. Some people are born with a pair of long eyelashes. They don't have to worry about eyelashes. It not only affects their appearance, but also brings self-inferiority to themselves, so they will change their eyelashes through the day after tomorrow. Common methods to grow eyelashes are: Vaseline, tea, vitamin E and olive oil and other substances are smeared on the eyelashes, and long-term persistence can make eyelashes grow. At the same time, false eyelashes can also be worn directly or through eyelash implant surgery to achieve longer and thicker eyelashes. Now let's talk about the different ways to lengthen the lower eyelashes.


Different ways to lengthen eyelashes


1. Achieve eyelash extension through some substances such as vitamin E, Vaseline, overnight tea, olive oil, etc.


1). Vitamin E: The beauty effect of vitamin E has been known to us, but did you know it? It also has the effect of making eyelashes grow.


How to: Gently brush vitamin E on your lashes every night before going to bed. Be careful not to brush on the root of the eyelashes and on the eyelids, otherwise it may cause fat particles.


2). Vaseline: Vaseline not only has the effect of moisturizing the skin, but also can make the eyelashes thicker and stronger to a certain extent.


Method: Before going to bed every night, take Vaseline with a cotton swab and gently brush it on the eyelashes.


3). Overnight tea: The overnight tea contains more tea polyphenols, which can promote the absorption of vitamins by the skin, so it can be used in combination with vitamin E or vitamin B5.


4). Olive oil: Olive oil is not only edible, but also can grow eyelashes! The vitamins and minerals it contains are all effective ingredients that can promote the regrowth of eyelashes.


Method: Same as vitamin E, the same dosage should be controlled, so as not to cause fat particles.


2. It can also be achieved by wearing false eyelashes or artificial false eyelashes to plant on natural eyelashes.


1). Wearing false eyelashes, you can choose the corresponding false eyelashes according to the girl's own conditions and preferences. Such as Classic Strip Lashes, Long Classic Lashes, White Eyelash Extensions, Classic Eyelash Extension and other false eyelashes, but need to maintain eyelashes every morning and evening.


2). There is also the extension of your own eyelashes by planting false eyelashes. This kind of surgery is relatively expensive, but it is not necessary to maintain the eyelashes every day, but it is a little painful during the operation.


Different ways to lengthen eyelashes


The above is the "different ways of extending eyelashes" for you. If you are also troubled by short and sparse eyelashes, please don't worry, we can solve your troubles for you. Because we are a professional false eyelashes manufacturer, we can solve all kinds of eyelash problems for you, produce false eyelashes suitable for your own conditions, and let you realize the regeneration function of acquired false eyelashes again.