Do lash growth serums work

Do lash growth serums work

lash growth serums

Eyelashes grow on the front lip of the eyelid margin, arranged in 2-3 rows, short and curved. The upper eyelashes are many and long, usually 100-150, with an average length of 8-12mm, slightly curved forward and upward. Eyelashes have the function of protecting the eyes from entering small objects. Many people have very short eyelashes, which is related to genetic factors. Therefore, many female friends will change their eyelashes through acquired conditions. Such as mascara, Lash Shampoo and other eyelash tools. So, Do lash growth serums work?

Do lash growth serums work

Some friends may want to ask, why not stick false eyelashes? In fact, the most important reason is that it costs money because of the trouble. It is really troublesome to have to paste and remove it every day. And if you often stick false eyelashes, you need to buy false eyelashes, and you need to buy eyelash glue. You can't buy bad eyelash glue, otherwise the eyelashes will become less, which is another big reason. So the editor fell into the pit of eyelash growth liquid. Basically, several editors who are very famous on the Internet have bought them. Every time I use it, I feel happy in my heart and feel that the next day will be much longer. But in the eyes of friends, this is not the case. I remember one day my friend asked the editor curiously: "What are you painting?" The editor told him, she stared at my eyelashes for a long time and said, "Are they long? ?" The editor was suddenly discouraged, and later, through various information, many eyelash growth liquids with safe ingredients on the market were actually just eyelash repair liquids. It is not intended to lengthen lashes, it only repairs them. And the other is the real lash growth serums, using this eyelash growth serum, it will grow a lot within two days.

But you must pay attention to lash growth serums, you must not use more than one, the reason why it will quickly lengthen the eyelashes. It is entirely because it contains the ingredients of Maprost.

Eyelash growth liquid provides nutrients for the growth of eyelashes and can activate hair follicle cells.

At the same time, if there are few eyelashes and the growth of eyelashes is too slow, it is possible to pay attention to nutritional supplements, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and adjust the liver of animals!

Every night before going to bed, use vitamin E to wipe the root of eyelashes and then wipe the eyelashes, and the effect can be seen in about ten days. It is safe and has no side effects.

The main raw material of regular lash growth serums should be vitamin E. Many people may know that vitamin E can promote reproduction. It is because of this effect that it has been discovered that it stimulates hormone secretion, anti-oxidation, regeneration and repair. Vitamin E can effectively stimulate the growth of pores and hair. With natural ingredients, it is one of the indispensable elements of the human body. Even if it is used on the body, it will not cause too many problems.

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