Eyelash Extension Tips

Eyelash Extension Tips

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Thick and slender eyelashes will make the eyes deep and energetic, and the flickering big-eyed baby is always easy to win the favor of boys. It is for this reason that every MM wants to have long and curled eyelashes, but how to make eyelashes What about growing fast? If you want to grow your eyelashes quickly, there are still many ways. Now let's talk about Eyelash Extension Tips.

Eyelash Extension

Long eyelashes can be grown by grafting false eyelashes, or by planting eyelashes to make eyelashes longer and thicker. The length of eyelashes is usually due to genetic factors, but some external products cannot achieve the effect of growing eyelashes. When grafting eyelashes, use fake mink hair and glue to the root of the eyelashes of the needle to make eyelashes fresh. Long bushy.

If you want to go through surgery, it is recommended to go to the local hospital for eyelash grafting surgery. Long eyelashes need to be improved by eyelash implantation in the hospital, mainly by selecting healthy hair follicle tissue at the post-diagnosis site, and then transplanting it to the eyelash position through special separation, so that the hair follicle can survive locally and then grow new eyelashes. When planting, you need to choose healthy hair follicle tissue, which can maintain all the characteristics of the original hair, and rarely fall off again.

You can choose to grow eyelashes in the way of eyelash planting. The current technology of eyelash planting is relatively mature. Eyelashes can make the eyelashes thicker and curled, make the eyes look more energetic, and enhance the overall image of the face. Eyelash planting is to extract healthy hair follicle tissue from the back pillow of the beauty seeker, and then transplant these hair follicles into the eyelashes after professional treatment, and the surviving hair follicles can grow new eyelashes naturally. Since the hair follicles come from the beauty seekers themselves, there will be no rejection after transplantation, and the characteristics of the original hair will be maintained, and the effect will last for a long time. It can also play a positive role in protecting the cornea and eyeball.

The above are the 2 methods of "eyelash extension skills" explained for you, namely wearing false eyelashes and eyelash extension surgery. Generally speaking, surgery has certain risks, and wearing false eyelashes is relatively safe and easy to maintain. Customized Wispy Hybrid Lash Extensions, or Meteor lashes factory is better, more than 10 years of experience in false eyelashes manufacturing, products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad, worthy of your trust, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer your questions at any time. problem.