Grafting of vluxe lashes

Grafting of vluxe lashes

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Vluxe lashes is what everyone wants. It can not only make people look spiritual, but also make people have star-like charming electric eyes. It is a good choice to do eyelash extensions. The thickening effect of grafted eyelashes is better, which can effectively make the eyelashes thick and slender, increase the charm of the eyes, and make the eyes darker and more beautiful. Now let's introduce the grafting method of vluxe lashes.

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Middle eyelashes

If you want to look thicker in the middle, graft slightly shorter eyelashes (you can choose 8mm false eyelashes) near the head and end of the eye, and graft slightly longer eyelashes in the middle (you can choose 10mm false eyelashes as needed).

dense eye

If you want thicker eyelashes, use slightly longer length eyelashes at the end of the eye, and use slightly shorter length eyelashes near the middle of the eye. However, this also depends on the length of the eyes of the little fairies.

How to graft eyelashes and thick: choose false eyelashes according to the eye shape of beauty lovers?

1. Eyes with lower eyelashes: you need to use more curled eyelashes to graft, and CD can be considered.

2. Eyes with upper eyelashes: you need to use relatively flat eyelashes for grafting, you can consider JB.

3. Your own eyelashes are relatively rare. In order to prevent your real eyelashes from being unable to bear the load of false eyelashes, do not graft "explosive and thick".

4. If the eyes are not long enough, you can choose the extended eye end type, which can not only adjust the eye shape well, but also enhance the charm.

5. If the double eyelid is relatively narrow or the distance between the eyebrows and eyes is relatively narrow, it is recommended to choose a calmer and more natural one.

It is worth noting that the eye shapes of single eyelid and inner double eyelid are more "eaten" of eyelashes. Eyelashes with the same length and curling degree will be shorter than double eyelid grafted on single eyelid, so it is necessary to consider lengthening the grafted eyelashes appropriately. In terms of volume, inner double eyelid and single eyelid need to choose grafted eyelashes with larger curling degree to balance.

How to graft eyelashes and thick: choose the right eyelash shape?

1. If you want a cute effect, you can choose the one that is long in the middle and short on both sides.

2. For those who want a charming temperament effect, you can choose elongated eye tails.

3. For those who want an elegant and natural effect, you can choose the one with the same length in the middle and the end of the eye.

How to graft eyelashes and thick: choose a sufficient number of false eyelashes?

1. If you like something simple and elegant, you can graft about 60 pieces.

2. If you want your eyes to look more divine, you need at least 100.

3. People with big eyes can graft about 140-160.

It is worth noting that when grafting, it should be noted that only one eyelash can be grafted on a native eyelash, otherwise the native eyelashes may not be able to withstand the force of multiple false eyelashes and fall off in advance. In addition, if the beauty lovers with single eyelid and inner double eyelashes do grafted eyelashes, it is best to add 20 more eyelashes on this basis, because these types of eyes are more "eyelashes".

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The specific operation steps of grafting eyelashes:

Step 1: Prepare a few double eyelid stickers. You can use a piece of transparent glue instead, but make sure you are not allergic.

Step 2: Attach the eyelashes to the upper eyelid with a double eyelid sticker.

Step 3: Prepare your own grafted eyelashes (generally, the length can be 7-12mm, and the degree of curling is J<B<C). For beginners, you can choose single eyelashes.

Step 4: Get your grafting glue ready, put a few drops on the glue spacer/glue ring. Note: Non-irritating, odorless, slow-drying glue should be used for personal eye-opening grafting operation. Fast-drying and irritating glue is suitable for use in eyelash shops.

Step 5: From the real eyelashes that have been attached to the upper eyelid, starting from the eyelashes at the end of the eye, pick one according to the order of growth (2 to 3 adjacent ones need to be picked when the hairs are grafted). Use pointed precision tweezers to pick up the grafted eyelashes, and dip an appropriate amount of glue.

Step 6: Starting from the tip of the real eyelashes, slide the grafted eyelashes from top to bottom, sliding into the root of the real eyelashes, as close to the root as possible, it will be firmer. This method can make the real eyelashes evenly stained with glue, and when sliding to the root of the real eyelashes (eyelid), it will not be stained with glue, so as to prevent the formation of black and hard glue spots on the eyelid after the glue dries.

I believe that ladies who love beauty should know the vluxe lashes grafting method. After all, female friends are not professionals in vluxe lashes grafting. It is better to leave it to professionals. Qingdao Meteor lashes factory is a professional vluxe lashes manufacturer. Years of rich experience, contact us to customize your vluxe lashes for you.