How do you remove eyelash extensions at home

How do you remove eyelash extensions at home

remove eyelash extensions

When you decide to remove eyelash extensions yourself at home, the correct steps and methods are crucial to avoid damaging your natural eyelashes and doing more harm than good. Below Meteor lashes factory introduces you some simple and effective methods to help you remove eyelash extensions safely at home.


How do you remove eyelash extensions at home


1. Use mild oils


Olive oil or coconut oil: This can be applied lightly to eyelashes with a cotton ball or swab. Let the oil sit on your lashes for a few minutes, then gently cleanse with warm water. This helps soften the adhesive, making it easier to remove the lashes, while moisturizing the lashes and skin around the eyes.


2. Use steam


Hot steam facial: You can use a hot towel or steam facial device to gently apply it on the face for a few minutes, which will help soften the glue and make the eyelashes fall off more easily. But make sure the steam isn't too hot to avoid burning your skin.


3. Use a mild cleanser


Gentle eye makeup cleanser: Choose an oil-free eye makeup cleanser and apply it to your lashes with a cotton ball. After waiting a few minutes, gently rub the lashes to help dissolve the adhesive and remove them easily.


4. Seek professional help


Seek the assistance of a professional beautician: If you are not confident about the effect of removing eyelash extensions by yourself, or feel that you cannot handle it yourself, you can make an appointment with a professional beautician for assistance. Professionals have the proper tools and techniques to help you remove eyelash extensions safely and quickly.


5. Avoid using rough methods


Avoid using tools or products that are too powerful: Do not use any harsh tools or products to forcefully remove eyelash extensions, as this may damage your natural eyelashes and eye skin. Use caution and a gentle approach.


Warm tip: When you remove eyelash extensions, make sure you are very gentle on your eyes and surrounding skin to avoid unnecessary damage. If you feel unsure or have any questions, please consult Meteor lashes factory, a professional eyelash extension supplier to protect your eyelashes.