How is false eyelash made?

How is false eyelash made

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Commonly used by professional eyelashes of film and television makeup have two kinds of specifications. One is made of silk and human hair eyelashes together. This is one way to make eyelashes. Another kind is to use the structure of spun silk yarn and sand edge, eyelash and eyelid together. May call it kind of eyelash. This also is the method of making the kind of eyelash.

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In the process of making, be sure to understand the tools used when making eyelashes, these tools are more complex, in addition to tools, and the choice of materials. Generally, the main choice of hair, gauze, etc., can also consider the selection of animal hair.

The production process of eyelashes will be more complex. It is difficult for ordinary people to understand clearly. If you want to learn how to make eyelashes, you can go to a professional place to understand. Of course, the production of eyelashes must choose better technology on the choice, so as to be able to cure eyelashes faster. This is basically the performance of eyelashes, we must not ignore the material selection of eyelashes.

False eyelashes are made of plastic, cotton, feathers and other materials, but with the use of different materials to make false eyelashes, the effect is different. Making one is actually pretty easy. The manual steps are as follows:

1. Find false eyelashes that are suitable for the length of your eyes and bend them several times to soften the radian.

2. Cut a piece of lace longer than your false eyelashes.

3. Cut a little edge at the bottom and pull out the line underneath (so the bottom is not too hard, to fit the curved lashes).

4. Fold the cut lace and blow the edge with a hair dryer. In this way, the wrinkles will be easier to set.

5. Apply the eyelash glue to the root of false eyelashes, and apply the fan part slightly.   Along the arc a little bit of glue and glue is not fixed before slight adjustment, and then use sharp Angle tweezers to finalize.

6. Adjust the fold ratio of each section well, press with a wooden stick to prevent the lace band from deforming, keep the radian fixed, and gently press until it is completely attached without warping.

7. Handmade lace false eyelashes tutorial completed.