How much does eyelash extension cost?

How much does eyelash extension cost

Nowadays, many girls will Eyelash Extensions in order to make their eyes look better. There are many styles and lengths of grafted eyelashes. Different eyelashes have different grafting effects. Natural ones have always been the most versatile and popular. The cost of Eyelash Extensions The price of grafting eyelashes is related to the thickness of the eyelashes of the beauty seeker, generally around a few hundred yuan. If there are enough eyelashes and less grafting, the operation cost will be cheaper. The maintenance time of grafted eyelashes can be maintained for 8-12 months. If you want the effect to last longer, female friends can perform surgery again for maintenance.

Grafting eyelashes can make eyelashes thicker and longer. If you choose better quality false eyelashes material, the cost is relatively high, and the cost may be higher, but the effect is more natural.

There are many factors to be considered when Eyelash Extensions. Since the standards are not uniform, there is no fixed cost.

Eyelash grafting should comprehensively consider the type that is suitable for you, so as to better maintain the beauty and beauty of eyelashes. If you want to know the price of eyelash grafting products in detail, please contact Meteor lashes factory, we will provide you with the price list of eyelashes grafting, thank you.