How to care for eyelashes after grafting

How to care for eyelashes after grafting

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The fly in the ointment is that many women do not take care of grafted eyelashes. After a few days, the eyelashes became messy, not beautiful, and the distress increased, so we need to learn how to care for the eyelashes after grafting. Today, Meteor lashes factory will share practical management tips and precautions after eyelash extensions! Hope it helps you!


How to care for eyelashes after grafting


a. About cleaning eyelashes.


To gently tug on the eyelid, use a damp cotton swab to slowly rub the root from top to bottom along the lashes. If there is secretion, soak it for a while and wipe it off.


The liquid foundation can fall on the lashes when applying makeup, you can wipe it with a slightly damp paper towel when washing, or you can soak it with a small brush to make it puffy.


b. Regarding exposure to water.


1. The curing of eyelash glue takes time, so do not get wet within 6 hours of thick, dry and clean.


2. Avoid eyelashes when washing your face. Do not look directly at the eyelashes when the bath water is flowing, so as to avoid too much water pressure and deformation of the eyelashes.


3. Long time sauna, swimming, exposure to the sun, avoid long-term stay in high temperature and humid environment.


c. About makeup.


1. Apply mascara without eyeliner. Sometimes you need to enhance the makeup effect. Use eyeliner with soft tip to apply on the outside of the root of the eyelashes. After the mascara is grafted, you cannot clean the face at the root of the eyelashes, so you can't draw eyeliner, and don't use mascara. Apply to the roots for easy cleaning.


2. In order to prevent the eyelashes from splitting, eyelash curlers cannot be used. If you think the curl isn't enough, you can choose a curled shape when refolding.


3. No false eyelashes can be attached to it. The glue on false eyelashes is sticky, so when the glue is removed, the eyelashes are bound to be a mess.


d. About removing eyelashes


The grafted lashes start to fall out and the remaining lashes are not in good shape. Do not pull at this time, forcibly removing the eyelashes will damage the original eyelashes. Be sure to go to the store and have the beauty island company remove it with professional water! In order to prevent eyelashes from dizziness, do not rub your eyes frequently in life, and do not press your eyelashes while sleeping.


The above is about "how to take care of eyelashes after grafting". After eyelashes are grafted, as long as we take good care of them, the false eyelashes will last for a long time. If you want to know more about false eyelashes, please contact us, thank you.