How to choose the right false eyelashes for you

How to choose the right false eyelashes for you

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In today's society, there is no doubt that girls who can wear makeup can improve their combat effectiveness. In particular, the appearance of eyelash extensions and other products has made eye makeup technology more popular among female friends. Among them, false eyelashes are more prominent. How to choose the right false eyelashes is a problem that troubles many women. Except for Southeast Asia and South Asia, Asian women's eyelashes are mostly flat, slender and soft. It's hard to drop a jaw in surprise just by looking at the eyes alone.


How to choose the right false eyelashes for you


At present, there are various styles of false eyelashes on the market, and the effect is more and more natural, and even the paste without makeup will not appear abrupt. The stalks of the eyelashes are also getting softer and softer, and they are very comfortable to wear, and they can basically feel nothing. However, because the operation process of false eyelashes is cumbersome, it is always a difficult problem for most girls. I hope that through this special edition, everyone can master the skills of sticking false eyelashes at one time.


How to choose the right false eyelashes for you?


There are many kinds of false eyelashes, and the quality is uneven, you must choose the one that suits you and is comfortable to wear.


Types of false eyelashes


The hair of false eyelashes is roughly divided into two types, natural hair and artificial fibers. Most false eyelashes are made of man-made fibers, which are cost-effective and can be reused.


Types of false eyelashes


The stalk of the eyelashes determines whether it is comfortable to wear. Be sure to choose a material that is soft and not prone to allergies. The hair of false eyelashes is knotted on a stalk at the root. This stalk is generally divided into three materials: transparent stalk, cotton thread stalk, and plastic stalk.


cotton terrier


Cotton thread stalk: Cotton thread stalk is soft and comfortable, but it is very easy to deform. It is scrapped after basic use, and it is difficult for novices to master.


transparent terrier


Transparent stems: Most of the false eyelashes on the market now are transparent stems. This kind of material is similar to fishing line, with good invisibility, softness, and good support, which is suitable for most people.


plastic terrier


Plastic stem: The plastic stem is the darkest and hardest of the three materials, and the least comfortable. However, this material is most suitable for girls who have more eyelid fat and need to rely on false eyelashes to support their double eyelids.


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The above is to introduce to you "how to choose the false eyelashes that suit you". When choosing false eyelashes, we must choose false eyelashes according to our actual situation, so that we can make ourselves wear false eyelashes more in line with our own temperament. Meteor lashes factory is a professional supplier of false eyelashes and other eyelash extension products, which are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Welcome to contact us to know the eyelashes products you want.