How to clean magnetic lashes

How to clean magnetic lashes

magnetic lashes

After spending a day outside with Magnetic Lashes, the first thing I did when I got home was probably to remove the Magnetic Lashes! But in the face of Magnetic Lashes with thick glue, how can you remove it smoothly? It is not easy to remove Magnetic Lashes. If you want to remove them cleanly, without hurting your eyes, and trying not to damage the Magnetic Lashes, what should we do? Now let's introduce it.


How to clean magnetic lashes


First, take the cleansing oil with a cotton swab and apply it to the roots of Magnetic Lashes. Remember to apply it gently, otherwise it may poke your eyes. The Magnetic Lashes will fall off automatically after smearing for a while. Don't pull off the Magnetic Lashes directly to save time! If you pull it off directly, it may make your eyelids feel sore, and the eyelids will loosen over time, and at the same time, your natural eyelashes will be easily torn off.


Then take a clean cotton pad, pour the cleansing oil on the cotton pad, apply it on the eyes for a few seconds, and remove the eyeliner and residual glue, so that the Magnetic Lashes can be completely removed.


How to clean Magnetic Lashes?


Proper cleaning of Magnetic Lashes is critical in order for Magnetic Lashes to be reused! Faced with a dirty Magnetic Lashes just removed, how should you clean it? At this time, you need to prepare the following tools: makeup remover/oil, Magnetic Lashes to be cleaned, a cotton swab, a small bowl, and a tweezers. Once the prep is done, you can start giving your beloved Magnetic Lashes a beauty bath.


Step 1: Put the Magnetic Lashes into a small bowl, then pour in an appropriate amount of makeup remover, try to soak the roots of the Magnetic Lashes in the makeup remover), soak for about 5-10 minutes;


Step 2: Use a small cotton swab to gently poke the glue and mascara on the Magnetic Lashes, and you will find that the dirt is slowly dissolving;


Step 3: For the part of the eyelashes with thick eyelash glue, you can slowly tear off the eyelash glue with small tweezers;


Step 4: Put the cleaned Magnetic Lashes into warm water, shake it gently with tweezers, rinse it off and put it on a paper towel to dry.


How to clean magnetic lashes


The above is "How to clean magnetic lashes" for you. When cleaning magnetic lashes, we must handle it correctly according to the above method, so as to increase the number of repeated use. Meteor lashes factory is a professional magnetic lashes manufacturer, support customized wholesale, welcome customers and friends to contact us, thank you.