How To Clean Your 3d Mink Lash Strips

How To Clean Your 3d Mink Lash Strips

3d Mink Lash

Faux mink lashes are renowned for their durability and superb quality. You should use this instructions to clean your mink eyelashes. Before applying your eyelashes, make sure the region is clean since it will assist the lashes adhere more effectively. With the right maintenance, Meteor Lashes' faux mink lashes can be used up to 25 times.


How To Clean Your 3d Mink Lash Strips


How to remove the lash glue and clean mink lash strips


After removing your faux mink lashes from everyday use, gently remove any remaining glue with your fingertips or a tweezer.


When removing the adhesive, start at the outer corner and work your way inside.


Avoid yanking on the mink fur. You ought to treat these 3D mink eyelashes as if they were your own.


Don't pull on the lash strip since doing so can loosen the hair and ruin the curve of the strip.


Put your eyelashes back in their Meteor Lash case at this point.


Clean mink lashes by oneself


False eyelashes such as 3D mink eyelashes should be cleaned by placing them flat on a piece of paper towel, using a tip or cotton pad, and delicately dabbing the tip with warm water. There is no need for a foamy cleaner.


Avoid soaking the tip


Without pushing down, gently slide the tip over the lash line.


Air-dry the eyelash extensions.


Repackage the 3D mink eyelashes in the box, pressing the lash band firmly against the container to maintain shape.


How To Clean Your 3d Mink Lash Strips


Avoid soaking and avoid using mascara. Keep your 3D mink eyelashes out of the water. Water will ruin the contour of the curls on your lashes when they become wet. To ensure that the curls would persist, they were subjected to extreme heat treatment. Additionally, avoid using mascara on your mink lashes. Before applying your mink lashes, coat your natural lashes with mascara. Using mascara will harm the lash strip hair.