How to customize labels and logos

How to customize labels and logos

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you how to customize labels and logo

1.Do you need to understand whether the eyelashes you buy are for your own use or for wholesale sale? If you are self-use and the quantity is very small, such as 50 trays or 100 trays, you do not have to make labels and logos at all, because you also need to pay extra printing fees. Our factory will provide blank labels for customers with small orders to increase order flexibility. If you are a local wholesaler, it is necessary to print the logo. The eyelash extension label (as shown in the figure) is composed of three parts. The top part is placed with a logo, and the middle part is placed with eyelashes. You can mark the length or length + curl on its left or right side. In addition, I will add a small letter "Factory & Wholesale" at the bottom to show my identity. You can add websites or accounts at the bottom. As long as you can express your message clearly, this is a perfect work.


2.About the color of the label. Because most customers use black eyelashes, it is better to contrast the label color with black, or use some light colors directly.

3.Labels can be printed in 12 lines/16 lines/18 lines/20 lines. I suggest you use 12 lines or 16 lines. Too many lines will cause congestion and lose the beauty of eyelashes.

4. The label material is divided into aluminum foil and paper. Aluminum foil is a little more expensive. Its characteristics are that it can be used repeatedly, easy to pick up, and not easy to break

5.In conclusion, the label design should be simple and generous. Try to avoid using dark colors. The most important thing is to highlight eyelashes.