How to do mega volume lashes?

How to do mega volume lashes

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Eyes are the window to the soul. You have already applied mascara, but your eyelashes are still not long enough? Not curling enough? Not very dense? That's because your technique of brushing eyelashes is not skilled enough, and the technique still needs to be strengthened! Do not be discouraged! After a few attempts, you will become proficient in the method of Mega Volume Lashes, and you will naturally grasp the key points by drawing a few more times! In order to make you master mega volume lashes more quickly, let us now explain how to do mega volume lashes?

Mega volume lashes

How to do mega volume lashes? It can be divided into the following 3 steps:

1. Before curling the eyelashes, look in the direction of about 45 degrees obliquely downward, and divide the entire upper eyelashes into three parts: left, middle and right in mind.

2. First, put the eyelash curler close to the root of the middle part of the upper eyelashes, the middle and the tip. Hold each clip for 3-5 seconds to ensure that each part is curled.

3. After clipping the middle part, clip the left and right sides of the eyelashes in the same way.

If you want to have mega volume lashes, an eyelash curler is essential. The strength of the stainless steel eyelash curler is stronger than that of the plastic one. It can curl the eyelashes naturally with a single clip, but it cannot be folded for collection. It is suitable for hard hair and obvious eyelashes Curly crowd use. Now you know how to make mega volume lashes. If you have more questions, please contact Qingdao Meteor lashes factory.