How to grow eyelashes

How to grow eyelashes

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Now many female friends will spend a lot of thought on trimming their eyelashes, because thick eyelashes can give people a sense of beauty, especially for female friends to add more attractiveness to men. So they all want their eyelashes thick and long. So what are the ways to help female friends grow their eyelashes? Meteor lashes factory will share with you below.

How to grow eyelashes

Here are 3 commonly used methods to grow eyelashes:

1. Eyelashes

Growing hair and beards is quite mature now. The doctor will plant them one by one on your native eyelashes. If the inoculation time is too long, it is easy to block the eye hair follicles, affecting the perspiration function of the real eyelashes. Follow-up may cause folliculitis, causing the original eyelashes to fall off. Of course, it does not rule out that the effect is very good.

2. Grafting eyelashes

Some friends will say that the beauty industry is very developed now, and there are also grafted eyelashes, and they are not expensive! Yes, it is not expensive, and it can last for 2 months or more, but it is easy to lose eyelashes and cause trichiasis. The own eyelashes carry the weight of the false eyelashes, which will also cause them to fall off. Not worth the loss.

3. False eyelashes

Occasionally wearing it can enlarge the eyes, but if you choose to wear it for a long time, it will not only cause embarrassment such as "degumming", but also may cause the eyelids to loosen due to the forceful pulling of the false eyelashes when removing makeup. So use it with eyelash extension cleanser, so the effect will be better.

Through the "method of eyelash growth" introduced for you above, I believe you already have some understanding of eyelash growth, and the method of eyelash extension should still be selected according to individual characteristics. The most commonly used eyelash extension is to wear false eyelashes. Meteor lashes factory is a professional eyelash extension manufacturer, we have professional people to answer your eyelash growth questions.