How to identify true and false mink eyelashes

How to identify true and false mink eyelashes

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What is mink hair? Mink hair is a natural wool fiber, which is obtained from animals and is a very expensive fur product. Similar characteristics to ordinary hair products, mink eyelashes made from mink hair, the composition structure of mink eyelashes is very close to the structure of human hair, so the false eyelashes produced are more realistic. The price of mink eyelashes is relatively expensive.



How to identify true and false mink eyelashes? Today, the eyelash raw material factory will explain to you! There are many species of mink. There are imported mink and domestic mink. Imported mink are the most expensive sapphire blue mink and cross mink, and the domestic mink is cheaper. Mink come in many natural colors, including pearl white. Pearl yellow. Brown, black, royal blue, the most precious and rare is sable.


1. Mink fur is glossy and smooth, and its grade is higher than that of foxes, but its warmth retention is poor.


2. Mink fur is divided into two types: sable and mink. Among them, sable skin is more expensive, and the output of sable skin is very small and expensive. It has the reputation of "King of Furs", so it has become a symbol of people's wealth. In foreign countries, it is called "soft gold". Mink fur has three major characteristics: "the fur is warmer when the wind blows, the fur is self-dissolving when snow falls, and the fur is not wet when it rains".


3. Mink fur feels very comfortable, soft and shiny. If there are alopecia areata or scaly areas on the fur, it may be a skin disease or other disease.


How to identify true and false mink eyelashes


How to identify true and false mink eyelashes?


1. Look at the price. Mink eyelashes are relatively more expensive than other eyelashes, so we can know some truth from the price.


a. Mink eyelashes are fake if they cost a few dollars. In order to reduce costs, some profiteers find things to replace genuine goods, deceive customers, and even cause great harm to the human body.


b. The price of domestic mink is different from that of imported mink. The price of domestic mink is cheaper than that of imported mink, and the technology is not much different from that of foreign countries. A real mink fur coat is generally sold at 5K~5W in physical stores, but more than 3K sold online. , there are also tens of thousands of dollars.


2. Look at the type of hair


a. When you touch the mink eyelashes with your hands, they are very comfortable and short, look very shiny, and the hair tips are neat and hard, similar to human hair. Generally speaking, minks are really difficult to raise, small in size and carnivorous. So the price is more expensive.


b. Mink eyelashes that cost dozens of dollars are artificial, not torn from mink. Artificial mink eyelashes, the fur is neat, and the fur is rough. Relatively cheap, the cost is only a few dozen yuan.


Through the above explanation of "what is mink hair and how to identify true and false mink eyelashes", I believe you have a certain understanding of mink eyelashes. If you want to know more about mink eyelashes, please contact Meteor lashes factory , Meteor lashes factory is a professional Eyelash Extension supplier, welcome your cooperation.