How to make eyelashes longer

How to make eyelashes longer

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Eyelashes are the barrier to protect our eyes. Eyelashes can help us block the invasion of subtle objects to the eyes, and also beautify the eyes. So eyelashes are very important to us. However, many people's eyelashes are very short or even completely lost. Without eyelashes, the eyes are often easily invaded by fine particles, which can easily damage our eyes. So we try to make my eyelashes longer so that the eyes can be better protected. So, how to make eyelashes longer?

How to make eyelashes longer

There are the following ways to grow eyelashes:

1. Apply mascara

Mascara can keep lashes curled and grown throughout the day, but needs to be applied daily. And it is recommended that the mascara you choose should be a big brand produced by a regular manufacturer, and the quality should pass the test.

2. Apply vitamin E

Vitamin E can be applied to the eyelashes, this method can make the eyelashes grow naturally. Apply once a day and you will see visible results in about two weeks.

3. Eyelash Grafting

Grafting eyelashes is now a popular semi-permanent eye makeup method, grafting eyelashes. Generally, it can be maintained for about a month, but when grafting, it should be noted that eyelash glue does not enter the eyes to prevent conjunctival irritation.

4. Wear false eyelashes

The method of wearing false eyelashes is relatively simple, the eyelashes grow faster and the consumption is low.

How to make eyelashes longer

The above is "how to make eyelashes longer". The above method is the most common, especially the latter two methods are the most chosen by women with short eyelashes. If you want to lengthen your eyelashes too, please contact us, professional Eyelash Extension Manufacturers, looking forward to your cooperation.