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How to make eyelashes longer

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Girls want to have long and dense eyelashes, which will look very beautiful and greatly enhance their personal image. But looking at his thin and short eyelashes, he couldn't help feeling very disappointed. Although false eyelashes can make the eyelashes grow faster, it looks very unnatural.


How to make eyelashes longer


In fact, the length of eyelashes is different for everyone. It does not mean that the longer the better, the function of eyelashes is to protect our eyes first, not to let dust or flying insects fly into the eyes, and the second is to be beautiful. It is generally difficult to change the eyelashes of the human body fundamentally, because they are affected by genetic factors, but you can try some external means to change them.


How to grow eyelashes:


If you want eyelashes to grow longer, you can apply liquid protein on the eyelashes, apply liquid protein on the eyelashes every night to enhance the strength and length of the eyelashes, vitamin D, cut a vitamin D capsule every night, and pat the eyelids and eyelashes for three months, It can produce obvious results, and the principle of healthy growth of eyelashes and eyebrows is the same as that of hair, that is, they both need adequate nutrition.


Eyelash Growth Serum: Long-term use of eyelash growth serum can also make your eyelashes longer and more beautiful. Apply eyelash growth serum to the base of lashes 30 minutes before bed every night, and for good results, use twice a day. The eyelash growth liquid is suitable for eyelashes, but if it is used too much, it should be rinsed with water immediately when it gets into the eyes. It has a good effect and can be used twice a day.


Grafting eyelashes: Grafting eyelashes is also a relatively common method of eyelash lengthening. Grafting eyelashes is a relatively common method of beautifying eyelashes. Before treatment, the eye area needs to be cleaned, and the cosmetic residue on the surface can be removed, and then professional glue is used Bonding the root of the eyelashes with the false eyelashes can quickly increase the density of the eyelashes after grafting the eyelashes, and at the same time make the eyelashes longer. When grafting the eyelashes, you can also choose the length of the eyelashes according to your personal requirements. After eyelash grafting, it is necessary to protect the eye area, and it is best not to rub or pull it with your hands for a short time.


Wear eyelash extension products such as: Long Classic Lashes, Natural Lash Extensions, Glitter Lash Extensions, Classic Hybrid Volume Lashes, False Eyelashes, etc. These false eyelashes can help you make your eyelashes longer while requiring low maintenance time , low cost, is a good choice.


How to make eyelashes longer


Reminder: The growth of eyelashes has a natural law, which is related to personal physique. It is impossible to change the growth of eyelashes with external drugs. Therefore, do not try to use certain drugs to promote eyelash growth. Less than the role of treatment, there may be side effects. If you really want to change the problem of short and sparse eyelashes, using eyelash extension products is a good choice, and there are a variety of them, there is always an eyelash extension product suitable for you.