How to make glitter lash extensions

How to make glitter lash extensions

glitter lash extensions

Eyelashes grow on the front lip of the eyelid margin, arranged in 2-3 rows, short and curved, and the eyelashes have a protective effect. Especially female friends, they will pay more attention to the maintenance of eyelashes. If you want to have beautiful eyes, it is very important to set off the eyelashes. glitter lash is a good choice, not only makes the eyes extraordinarily beautiful, but also sparkles. I believe that you must want the glitter lash extensions at present. So, how to make glitter lash extensions?

glitter lash extensions

1. Draw the lower eyeliner

Line the lower lash line at the base of the lashes with eyeliner or liquid eyeliner.

2. Apply mascara

Focus on applying mascara to the lower lashes, preferably using a small comb mascara.

3. Decorate the lashes with sequins

While the mascara is still dry, apply sparkly glitter to the tips of the lashes.

4. Apply a highlighter under the eyes

Swipe white highlighter under the eyes to brighten the face.

5. Apply pink blush in a circular shape

Apply pink blush in a circular shape on the smile area for a cute look.

6. Apply blush diagonally

Then apply pink blush diagonally to create a three-dimensional effect on the face.

Through the above steps, I believe you will have a pair of sexy eyes, glitter lash can make you more full of feminine charm. If you feel troublesome, then contact Qingdao Meteor lashes factory, a professional manufacturer of glitter lash extensions, which will surely satisfy you.