How to make lash extensions look more natural

How to make lash extensions look more natural


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We all know that eyelashes are one of the highlights that women pay special attention to, but not everyone can have long and dense eyelashes, and many women's eyelashes are not long or grow very slowly. Then it brings a series of charm problems. So they think of grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes, but they are afraid that the eyelashes will look unnatural after they are extended, which will cost money and bring bad results. So, how to make lash extensions look more natural?

How to make lash extensions look more natural

First of all, we must understand eyelash aids and their functions

You know, sticking false eyelashes without auxiliary tools is equivalent to a soldier without a knife on the battlefield. Many people like to stick their eyelashes directly with their hands, which is very unhygienic! And it doesn't look natural enough. To be a delicate girl, we must learn to use auxiliary tools. The following tools are often used to attach eyelashes.

Stainless Steel Tweezers are required to remove the false eyelashes from the package and perform detailed processing during wearing; scissors are required to trim the length of the false eyelashes; and Lash Extension Tweezers are required to wear the false eyelashes. In addition, the eyelash aid to be used is the Lash Extension Tape. If you want false eyelashes to be less obvious, you can use milky white glue, which will become transparent after drying, which is very suitable for girls who wear transparent stalks and pursue nude makeup. There is also a black glue. After using it, the end of the false eyelashes can be perfectly integrated with the black eyeliner, which is suitable for makeup.

Know how to wear false eyelashes to make eyelashes longer and more natural

First we use tweezers to take the false eyelashes out of the box, remember not to pull with bare hands! Using tweezers can damage false eyelashes much less than fingers. Then adjust the length of the eyelashes according to your own eye shape, and you can cut off the parts that are too long at the beginning and end of the eye. Of course, if the false eyelashes are just the right length, you can skip this step. After that, we can make a "kill the chicken" for the false eyelashes, and the curvature of the false eyelashes after rubbing will be more natural and fit the eyes! After rubbing, apply glue evenly along the root of the false eyelashes, paying attention to a little more at both ends to prevent the glue from opening. But the glue can not be too much, too much will overflow. In addition, remember not to apply glue and wear it immediately, because the glue is the strongest when it is semi-dry, and it can stick more firmly.

Next is the lashes! First fix the middle of the false eyelashes with the roots of your real eyelashes, then quickly fix the first half, and finally fix the end of the eye. After sticking, push it in with tweezers to make the true and false eyelashes fuse more tightly, and check whether each section of the eyelashes is close to the root of the eyelashes. After adjustment, remember to use eyeliner to fill the gap between the true and false eyelashes, and then apply mascara to fully integrate the true and false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes attached will be more natural!

How to make lash extensions look more natural

The above is "how to make lash extensions look more natural". If you want to have Natural Lash Extensions, some of the above operations must be used skillfully. If you still have questions, please contact us to answer your questions.