How to remove eyelashes with remover


How to remove eyelashes with remover

Here, I'll share with you how I can safely and quickly remove my eyelashes. In only four steps, I can use micro brushes, cream remover and tweezers to complete this painful thing for most women. Pay attention to meteor eyelashes, and I'll share more information with you.

1.Remove makeup

Cover the eyelashes with your eyelid and close your eyes.
2.Remove the paste
Use a micro brush to remove the appropriate amount of the cream remover applied to the eyelashes.
3.Apply the cream remover 
Apply evenly to the eyelashes with the cream remover, avoiding eyes and wait for 2-5minutes.
4.Perform removal 

Remove most of the eyelashes with a micro brush and remove the rest slowly with a pair of tweezers.

Lash extension tweezers