How to stick false eyelashes so they don't fall off easily

How to stick false eyelashes so they don't fall off easily

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Many people may have encountered this situation when using false eyelashes. The false eyelashes that were applied in the morning fell off in the afternoon, making eye makeup very embarrassing. In fact, this is because you have not mastered the skills to keep false eyelashes from falling out. Follow the steps below to apply false eyelashes, and the false eyelashes will not fall off easily.


How to stick false eyelashes so they don't fall off easily


How to stick false eyelashes and say goodbye to the problem of eyelashes falling off


Makeup for thick eyelashes


1. Clamp with eyelash curler: After cleaning the eyelash curler cushion with toilet paper, start to pressurize and pull upward from the root of the eyelashes.


2. Apply the lash primer: evenly apply the lash primer containing fiber or "thickness builder polymer" to help each lash increase and become fatter.


3. Brush each eyelash with a steel comb: If there is uneven distribution of fibers, use a small steel comb to gently brush the tangled areas from top to bottom.


4. Increase the density of eyelashes: The comb-shaped or chubby brush head can pick up more mascara, emphasizing the extremely thick effect. Apply in a zigzag pattern from the root of the lashes.


Shape and curl eyelashes


1. Brush it again to make it clearer: Although it wants to create a super dense effect, it must not produce thick cockroach feet. Comb the eyelashes to have the effect of clear roots like real eyelashes.


2. Repeated brushing to enhance the makeup effect: Then apply mascara, brush upwards from the bottom of the eyelashes, and use light techniques when reaching the tip of the eyelashes, so that the eyelashes can show a natural and smooth change in thickness.


3. Draw the inner eyeliner: Draw a thin inner eyeliner at the bottom of the eyelashes to fill the space between the eyelashes and make the eyelashes look thicker and richer.


4. Put on a styling coat for the eyelashes: Finally, you must put on a "raincoat" for the eyelashes. In addition to setting the eyelashes, this process can also make the eyelashes stronger and look special visually. black secret.


Eyelash Tips


1. In order to achieve a satisfactory density, the mascara can be stacked layer by layer. The key point is to wait for the first layer of mascara to dry quickly before stacking; if it is still wet, it is easier to take it away before brushing on it. Mascara, which makes the mascara appear unevenly distributed.


2. If you advocate the effect of flickering big eyes like dolls, you can use tweezers to clip the brushed eyelashes into small bundles at the tip of the eyelashes, but this method of brushing eyelashes is more exaggerated. The makeup will appear slightly unnatural when viewed up close, so it is suitable for special occasions such as parties.


Steps to lengthen eyelashes:


1. Three-stage eyelash curler: Choose an eyelash curler that conforms to the radian of the oriental eye shape, and gently clip upwards in three stages from the root to the tail of the eyelashes to curl the eyelashes.


2. Partial clip enhances support: Use the key strengthened partial eyelash curler to divide the eyelashes into front, middle and rear sections and then clip them respectively to strengthen the support.


3. Help curl eyelashes and strengthen your body: Apply a primer that is different from ordinary fiber eyelashes, and choose a gel primer that emphasizes the styling function to help nourish and strengthen eyelashes, and provide a base for curling and beautiful eyelashes.


4. Precisely pull up and lift eyelashes: Choose a mascara with a curling formula, which has a formula that extends upwards, and can show a beautiful fan-shaped arc with one brush.


How to paste false eyelashes


1. How to apply false eyelashes


1. 1. The glue is applied to the top and outer edge of the false eyelashes. It can be worn when it is half dry. When applying glue to the false eyelashes of the hard stems, special attention should be paid. In addition to the top of the hard stems, the glue should also be applied. On the outer edge of the stem, it is ready to wear after it is half dry.


1, 2. The false eyelashes are fixed in the eye first, and the head and tail of the eye are lifted upwards. When wearing false eyelashes, first fix the position of the eye and the tip of the eye. Remind you, the part of the end of the eye should not be glued along the eye shape, but should be raised upwards, so that the eyes appear upward.


1, 3. Use pliers to adjust the false eyelashes to lift the eye support. Next, use pliers to adjust the false eyelashes. Because glue has been applied to the upper edge of the false eyelashes before, you can use pliers to help the false eyelashes to raise the eyelids. .


1, 4. The single eyelid or the swelling is too serious. Use the eye support stick to prop up the double eyelid and fix the eye support stick to the crease of the double eyelid. Press the eye crease inward and support it, so that false eyelashes can be increased. The supporting force helps to hold up puffy eyelids.


1, 5. Use liquid eyeliner to fill the gap between the end of the eye and the false eyelashes. When applying the false eyelashes, because the part of the end of the eye is raised upward, there will be a gap between the end of the eye and the false eyelashes. Just take the eyeliner. The liquid fills the gap, remember to extend the original eyeliner to make the eyeliner look more complete.


2. How to apply natural false eyelashes


2. 1. When buying false eyelashes, try to choose some artificial false eyelashes that are suitable for naked clothes, which will make the eyelashes look more natural and not exaggerated. Take out the false eyelashes with tweezers, and the technique must be light to avoid deformation of the eyelashes. Tear off the residual glue at the root of the false eyelashes, because the residual glue will affect the adhesion of the false eyelashes.


2, 2. Make the false eyelashes more suitable for the curvature of the eyes. You can adjust the shape of the false eyelashes properly. Grasp the two ends of the false eyelashes with both hands and bend them inward several times to make the eyelashes softer and make the curvature of the eyelashes in the eye. The arc of the part is suitable.


2, 3. Trim both ends of the false eyelashes appropriately to the length that suits your eyes.


2, 4. Apply glue evenly at the root of the eyelashes. The amount of glue should not be too much or too little. After applying the glue, wait until the glue is half dry before sticking.


false eyelashes


3. How to remove false eyelashes


3. 1. When the tool is ready, start to remove makeup. Use a cotton swab to take the makeup remover oil and rub it on the root of the false eyelashes. The technique must be gentle~ Don't use too much force.


3, 2. In fact, the eyelashes will fall off automatically after a while, so please don't pull them off directly to save time. As long as you pull it, you will feel pain~~ After a long time, the eyelids will definitely loosen.


3, 3. Look at the false eyelashes that have fallen off by themselves. It is better to fall off on their own than to pull them. In the past, Xiaomo also pulled directly and often pulled off his real eyelashes together.


3, 4. It seems that it has almost fallen off. In fact, it is very fast. You must be patient. It is not troublesome to remove false eyelashes. Take a look at the removed eyelashes~ This way, even the glue at the root of the eyelashes can be removed by the way!


3, 5. Next, take a clean cotton pad, pour the cleansing oil on the cotton pad and apply it to the eyes~ Remember to close your eyes~ After 5 seconds of application, take off the cotton pad with a gentle gesture outward. 


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