How to stick to say goodbye to the problem of eyelash loss

How to stick to say goodbye to the problem of eyelash loss

Many female friends may have encountered this situation when using false eyelashes. The false eyelashes that were beautifully pasted in the morning fell off in the afternoon, making eye makeup embarrassing. In fact, this is because you have not mastered the skills of applying false eyelashes correctly. Now we will teach you how to apply it to say goodbye to the problem of eyelash loss.


How to stick to say goodbye to the problem of eyelash loss


Step 1: First take out the false eyelashes


The eyelash transparent box needs to be bent outward so that the eyelash fan can be separated from the box, and it is convenient to pinch the middle part with the belly of the fingers to take out the eyelashes. Doing so can make the force on the hand more uniform and prevent the eyelashes from being damaged during the process of taking out the false eyelashes.


The second step: organize the false eyelashes


Pinch the removed false eyelashes with the belly of the left finger to prevent the eyelashes from moving freely, and then use the nails of the right finger to gently tear off the residual glue adhering to the false eyelashes.


Step 3: Trim false eyelashes


Then pinch one end of the false eyelashes with one hand, and cut off the extra transparent stalk with a small simple cut on the other end. After cutting one end, cut the other end.


Step 4: Cut 1/3 of the false eyelashes


In order to make the false eyelashes not easy to fall off, we need to cut them from the 1/3 of the eye head of the false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes become two sections, one long and one short.


Step Five: Apply Eyelash Glue


You can slowly squeeze out a drop of eyelash glue and hang it on the mouth of the bottle, so you can squeeze it back when you don’t need it, then put the false eyelashes close to the eyelash glue, pay attention to keep the strength of squeezing the eyelash glue, and the glue hangs on the transparent stem without too much or too little Neither high nor low.


Step 6: Paste the false eyelashes


When applying false eyelashes, you can apply the second half first. Because the length of the eyelashes is shortened, there will be no bending pressure, and the position of the second half of the false eyelashes is straight, so the second half of the false eyelashes are longer. Use small tweezers to assist in sticking to the end of the eye, and then press a few times to stabilize. Then paste the first half, with a 1 mm overlap with the second half.


Step 7: Apply liquid eyeliner


After pasting the false eyelashes, use liquid eyeliner to make the white glue and transparent stem less obvious. Therefore, the liquid eyeliner can be pressed on the transparent stem as much as possible, and the skin can be smeared less.


If you follow the above 7 steps to apply false eyelashes, I believe that your false eyelashes will not fall off easily even if you wear them for 2 days, so that your eye makeup will not be embarrassing. If you want to know more about false eyelashes, please contact Meteor lashes factory, a professional manufacturer of Premade eyelash fans, Long Classic Lashes and other false eyelashes. The eyelashes made of high-quality Korean mink hair are more suitable for human eyelashes.