Shanghai female chairman actually grows 12.4 cm long eyelashes

Eyelash Fan

We all know that long eyelashes make the eyes look more beautiful and smart. But what if the eyelashes are particularly long? The Guinness World Records person with the longest eyelashes in the world is Ms. You from Shanghai. The eyelashes on her left upper eyelid reached an incredible 12.4 cm, making her the longest eyelashes today.

Ms. You is also known as the "Flower Fairy" because she has introduced more than 1,600 roses from all over the world, as well as her love and affection for roses. She is the chairman of a group company with a registered capital of several hundred million RMB. Three years ago, she chose to retreat and return to nature. Before long, her eyelashes started to grow slowly. She thinks that the sudden growth of her eyelashes has something to do with her cleaning: "Long eyelashes are a beautiful thing, it symbolizes health and longevity."

Ms. You calmly said, "This is a part of my body. I watch it grow little by little. I usually wash my face when I wash my face, so I don't feel any inconvenience."

Although I don't know what's going on with the sudden long eyelashes, is it really related to health and longevity? It's okay if she can't retreat all the time. If she comes out, it will not only look weird and infiltrating, but it will be inconvenient to do things. Is it really going to keep going like this?

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