Some Thoughts On Eyelash Extension Glue

Some Thoughts On Eyelash Extension Glue

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Although every supplier will guarantee the quality of the eyelash extension glue they provide, customers will always encounter various problems, persistence problems, allergies, etc. after use. So it is 100% safe without glue. This is because the formula, viscosity and formula proportion of each glue manufacturer are different. So, how should the brand find the ideal eyelash extension glue?

1.Try more. Purchase different glue from different suppliers for testing.

2.Glue is harder to understand than eyelashes, so you must have a lot of professional knowledge.

Main ingredients of glue: acrylate, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium stearate, chloroacrylate hexyl ester.

Eyelash extension glue is divided into 0.3S, 0.05S, 1-2S, black and transparent glue, and transparent glue is divided into transparent, pink and blue, etc.

3.This method is the simplest and rudest. You can send us your favorite glue brand. We have professional equipment to analyze various data and ingredients for you, so as to make the same glue eyelash extension.

Finally, let me talk about my own feelings. I think using glue is like driving. Although the cars of each brand are similar, there are always differences in details. You need to run in for a period of time to fully control it. You need to make some changes to it, not to you. The same is true of glue. When you get new glue, you should try to change the grafting method or speed. You should adapt to the new glue instead of it adapting to you. This is also the reason why the grafting engineer is not willing to change the glue easily. This is also the reason why the grafter is not willing to change the glue easily.

                         Some Thoughts On Eyelash Extension Glue