The difference between planting eyelashes and grafted eyelashes

The difference between planting eyelashes and grafted eyelashes

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Whether the eyelashes look good or not is very important. There are two main ways to change Lash Extensions products, namely planting eyelashes and grafting eyelashes. Many people don’t know much about the two before choosing, so they don’t know how to choose. Is planting eyelashes the same as grafting eyelashes? Of course not, which one is better, seed eyelashes or grafted eyelashes? Let’s look at the difference between seed planting eyelashes and grafted eyelashes.


The difference between eyelashes and grafted eyelashes


1. The principle is different. The principle of grafting eyelashes is to use professional false eyelash glue to stick to the surface of real eyelashes to achieve one-to-one grafting. The principle of eyelash extension is to transplant your own hair follicles to your own eyelashes.


2. Different materials. Grafted eyelashes are artificial eyelashes made from man-made fibers. Eyelashes are a method in which doctors implant hair follicle tissue from the head and occiput directly into the eye. After successful implantation, because it is its own hair follicle, it maintains the characteristics of the original hair follicle.


3. Different effects. Because the grafted eyelashes are false eyelashes, the effect after grafting is very good, but false eyelashes are false eyelashes after all, so you can clearly see the effect of false eyelashes when you look closely. Eyelashes grow because they grow their own follicles and hair. This is a very natural looking lash effect. Just like their original lashes, they are long, thick and very natural.


4. Different holding time. The maintenance period for grafted eyelashes is very short, usually about one month. Because they are attached with special glue, they need to be pasted regularly to maintain the effect. The planted eyelashes are not easy to fall off forever, because the planted hair is your own hair, and the survival rate of the hair follicles is very high.


5. The difficulty of operation is different. However, in terms of the difficulty of surgery, the difficulty of eyelash extension surgery is still higher than that of grafted eyelashes.


6. The recovery time is different. Grafted eyelashes are quick-drying and non-toxic black glue that sticks the false eyelashes to your own eyelashes, so you can see the effect of natural and long eyelashes immediately after you stick them one by one. There is no recovery period, and you can do it after grafting Got long eyelashes. Because eyelash planting is an operation, the operation process will leave a small wound on the eye, and it takes about three months to recover after the operation.


7. The price is different. Grafting eyelashes is based on requirements, according to each person's different eye shapes, glued to their own eyelashes with glue, and grafted into different shapes, so as to achieve the effect of visually improving the eye shape. Usually, the price is around one hundred yuan to several hundred yuan according to different charging standards. Eyelash planting is more expensive because of its high technical requirements and difficulty.


The difference between eyelashes and grafted eyelashes


The above is the "difference between planting eyelashes and grafting eyelashes". Which method to choose to lengthen your own eyelashes depends on your personal physique. For more eyelash extension products, please contact Meteor lashes factory, a professional eyelash extension manufacturer. We have hundreds of different types of false eyelashes to help you solve the problem of thin eyelashes.

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