The pros and cons of eyelash planting

The pros and cons of eyelash planting

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Eyelashes determine whether a person's eyes are full of energy. Long eyelashes when viewed from the side are often very attractive to the opposite sex. Therefore, cosmetic surgery has launched a beauty project called eyelash planting, which is also favored by consumers! Although eyelash planting is very popular, many beauty-loving ladies are also worried about the disadvantages. Now we will explain the the pros and cons of eyelash planting for your reference!

The pros and cons of eyelash planting

The pros and cons of eyelash planting:

First of all, let's explain the benefits of eyelashes: the advantage is that it can make eyelashes grow again, improve the sparse or too short eyelashes, and make the eyes look brighter and more attractive. It can make the eyelashes of beauty lovers look thicker and enhance the overall beauty of the eyes.

Next, let’s talk about the disadvantages of eyelash planting: eyelash planting is only a minimally invasive operation. If the operation is not performed correctly or proper care is not taken, it may cause local infection and even damage the hair follicles in the eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are not good for the skin because the glue can cause allergic skin reactions.

The premise of planting eyelashes is to do a skin test first to see if the glue will cause allergies and red spots in the patient. The problem of long and inverted eyelashes is also very common. Unconsciously, it will hurt the eyes, resulting in inflammation.

Planting eyelashes will cause the eyelashes to fall off. General attention should be paid to the glue. The glue used in many beauty salons is inferior glue, which will cause the patient's true and false eyelashes to fall off, and the top of the eye may become empty, which is the same as hair loss, so Be sure to use regular potions. Beauty-loving women use eyelashes to enhance their beauty. Of course, if the eyelashes are implanted improperly, the false eyelashes will be directly attached to the real eyelashes, so that the glue will penetrate into the hair follicles of the skin, causing serious skin inflammation and red eyes.

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Through the above explanation of "The pros and cons of eyelash planting", I believe you have a certain understanding of eyelash planting. If you want to know more about eyelash planting, you can contact China Meteor lashes factory.