Types of Eyelash Extensions

Types of Eyelash Extensions


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Eyelashes are popular nowadays, and one of the most popular eyelash beauty techniques is grafting eyelashes. Eyelash grafting can keep the eyelashes thicker, and at the same time make people more attractive and attractive. Although we often go to grafting eyelashes or often listen to people around us about grafting eyelashes, we know very little about grafting eyelashes. Now, let's talk about the types of grafted eyelashes.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

1. Grafted eyelashes are classified by material:

a. Mink hair

Advantages: close to real hair, soft and natural hair, good luster;

Disadvantages: Like human hair, the curling degree is easy to drop when exposed to water, and there is no thickness to choose from.

b. Natural real fur

Advantages: Soft, natural, but requires care;

Disadvantages: Most natural eyelashes are fake, even if they are, they will be dull because of lack of vitality, especially not elastic, not waterproof, not suitable for eyelash extensions.

c. Synthetic eyelashes

Advantages: low price, various styles, individual colors are available;

Disadvantages: The material is hard and heavy, and it is easy to crush the eyelashes.

d. Silk protein fiber eyelashes

Advantages: The weight is the lightest among the three, it is not easy to crush the eyelashes, and it has a certain shape and curling degree;

Disadvantages: There are fewer styles, ranking between the three.

2. Classification of grafted eyelashes from the curling degree of eyelashes

C curl: The degree of curl is strong, and it feels like it is rolled up with a curler. It looks like a doll, but the part attached to the natural eyelashes is weak and easy to fall off.

J Volume: The ends are naturally curled upwards, suitable for Asians to use eyelashes, very natural, the most popular.. The sticking part with natural eyelashes is stronger and lasts longer.

D-roll: It can make sparse eyelashes appear thicker, no need to stick the whole eyelashes, and the grafting time is shorter, which can be used to highlight the middle part.

3. Things to pay attention to when choosing eyelashes

Length: It is best to use 9mm-13mm eyelashes, which can be designed to be suitable for natural eyelashes.

Curly shape: The most suitable shape for natural eyelashes, the excessively curled artificial eyelashes are difficult to maintain for a long time, not natural enough, and slightly exaggerated.

Gloss: Semi-gloss finish.


A, 0.10mm (suitable for comparison)

B, 0.15mm (the most commonly used eyelashes)

C, 0.20mm (if it needs to be emphasized, add it appropriately.)

4. Which type of eyelash extensions is the best?

Let's talk about artificial synthetic eyelashes first. Compared with natural real hair and fibroin fiber eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes are harder, but their curling degree and shape are better. After grafting, it can be clearly reflected. Eyelash effect.

There are also many types of protein fiber eyelashes. Take silk protein fiber eyelashes as an example. This kind of eyelashes is the closest to natural eyelashes. It is softer, has a certain shape and curling degree, and the grafting effect is very natural.

Eyelash Extensions

Finally, mink hair, which is an extremely soft eyelashes, after grafting, in addition to thickening and lengthening the eyelashes, it is also very soft and comfortable.

Through the above introduction to "types of grafted eyelashes", you should have a detailed understanding of the types of grafted eyelashes, so in general, the best grafting effect is mink hair. Of course, you can also rationally choose the most suitable eyelash extensions according to your own needs, referring to the advantages and disadvantages of the above types. If you want to know more about eyelashes or cooperation projects, you can contact us, thank you.