What are 25mm eyelashes made of? Are the eyes uncomfortable?

What are 25mm eyelashes made of

25mm eyelashes

If you want to have very long, curly and thick eyelashes, it is recommended that you choose to graft eyelashes. This method is more convenient than applying false eyelashes every day, and it can also avoid frequent tearing and various problems such as loose eyelids. I believe that everyone who grafts eyelashes must pay more attention to the question of what 25mm eyelashes are made of. If you want to choose the right type of eyelashes, you must determine your own acceptance level and the state of your eyes to avoid discomfort in your eyes.


25mm eyelashes


1. There are many classifications of materials


Regarding the choice of what to use for eyelashes, there are many types of materials, such as the more common mink hair and ordinary fibers, as well as silk protein. The natural effect is better, of course, pure mink hair. These materials are all very common materials on the market today. It is recommended to choose materials with good quality and no irritation to the eyes, especially materials that are not allergic to your eyelids, so as to avoid eye discomfort after grafting eyelashes.


2. The advantages of grafting eyelashes


The reason why more and more people are now willing to choose the method of grafting eyelashes is that it is more convenient and simpler than using products to extend eyelashes or applying false eyelashes, and it will not cause eye discomfort. . The reason why some people have uncomfortable eyelids or even red and swollen eyes after grafting eyelashes may be caused by allergies or improper operation of the eyelashes artist. It is not that the grafted eyelashes themselves are harmful to the eyes. You can rest assured.


Regarding the question of what 25mm eyelashes are made of, there are many materials to choose from. If you require high quality, you can choose mink hair, which is not only stable in quality but also high in safety. It will not cause any damage to the eyes, showing the effect of natural curling. , the effect of thick and slender is more realistic, and does not look very rigid. It is recommended that you choose an experienced eyelash artist with better technology, who usually does not make the eyes uncomfortable and the effect is perfect.