What are express eyelash extensions?

what are express eyelash extensions?


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The most important part of the face that can highlight the temperament is the eyes, and the most important part of the eyes is the eyelashes. Many people often worry that their eyelashes are too short. Having a pair of long eyelashes will make the eyes bigger and more beautiful, so how can we make the eyelashes longer? Now let's talk about it.

what are express eyelash extensions

What are express eyelash extensions?

Method 1:

Apply VE: VE is the most common kind sold in pharmacies. It is a golden capsule of 3 yuan per box. Take one capsule every day and pierce it with a toothpick and apply it to the eyelashes. However, it is easy to grow fat particles, so it is recommended to use an old mascara bottle to wash and dress it up. When smearing, only brush on the eyelashes with a brush, so that it will not get fat particles in the eyes and will not grow. Others use old lip gloss boxes and use lip liner brushes.

Method 2:

Apply VA, VD or cod liver oil: Some people say that VE can grow eyelashes because of the cod liver oil (containing VAD) in it, not VE. So there are people who apply VD capsules to their eyelashes, and for some people it works well.

Method 3:

Apply olive oil to moisturize the eyelashes: Pure olive oil has the effect of nourishing the hair, so it can also help to grow the eyelashes, but if used improperly, it is easy to grow fat particles. It is better to use an old mascara tube.

Method 4:

Apply the leftover overnight tea: Before going to bed, apply the overnight tea bag or soak the overnight tea with a cotton pad to the eyes to grow eyelashes. Some people recommend green tea, but any type of tea should work.

Method 5:

Massage with eye cream that inhibits dark circles: Eye creams that can reduce dark circles generally contain nutrients such as VE and VB5, so long-term use can make eyelashes longer and thicker. I've heard of effective ones: Kanabo's EX eye cream, body shop's VE eye cream, and NYR's rose face oil.

Method 6:

Apply Vaseline: Some people recommend applying Vaseline or Vaseline hand cream, which can also help lashes.

Method 7:

Properly trimming the tip of the eyelashes: Some people say that cutting the eyelashes will grow longer than before, but the effect of this method varies from person to person, and the effect on children may be better. Adults should not try it casually.

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