What are Long Classic Lashes?

What are Long Classic Lashes

Long Classic Lashes

What are Long Classic Lashes? Long Classic Lashes are a cosmetic technique that can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. This technique takes artificial or real lashes and pastes them individually on top of your own lashes to create a long, voluminous effect. This article will introduce the background, principles, techniques and precautions of Long Classic Lashes.


What are Long Classic Lashes


1. Background


Long Classic Lashes first appeared in Hollywood movies in the early 20th century. Actresses need to show big eyes on screen, so artificial eyelashes are used to create this effect. Later, this technology gradually spread to ordinary people and became a common beauty method.


2. Principle


Long Classic Lashes work by combining artificial or real lashes with your own lashes to give your eyes a "scalloped" look. This technique can be tailored to your needs for a natural or thicker look. Also, since artificial or real lashes are placed on top of your own, this technique can also help you increase the length of your lashes.


3. Technology


Long Classic Lashes are a cosmetic treatment that requires professional technique. Here are the specific steps of this technique:


1). Preparation


Before performing Long Classic Lashes, you want to make sure your eye area is clean, oil-free and makeup-free. If you use eyeliner or eye shadow, you need to remove it in advance. Also, if you wear contact lenses, you will need to remove them.


2). Eyelash selection


Before getting Long Classic Lashes, you need to choose the lashes that are right for you. These eyelashes can be customized according to your needs, including the length and thickness of the eyelashes.


3). Eyelash Paste


Next, the beautician attaches artificial or real lashes to your lashes using a special glue. They will usually start in the corner of your eye and continue along your eye until the entire eye is covered.


4). Done


Once all the lashes are glued in place, the beautician checks for missing or loose lashes and makes any necessary corrections. Finally, you can tint, brush, or curl your lashes for a fuller, more natural look.


4. Precautions


Long Classic Lashes are a safe and long-lasting beauty technique, but there are still some caveats:


a. Avoid touching the eye area


After Long Classic Lashes, you need to avoid touching your eyes or eye area directly. This avoids misaligned or falling lashes.


b. Avoid oily products


During Long Classic Lashes, you need to avoid using oil-based products, such as cosmetics or facial cleansers. This prevents the glue from failing and causing the lashes to fall out.


c. Trim eyelashes regularly


Long classic eyelashes need daily maintenance, you can use small scissors to trim, be careful not to cut the eyes and skin.


Overall, Long Classic Lashes is an eyelash extension technique that adds length and volume by sticking artificial lashes on top of your natural lashes. This technique can last anywhere from weeks to months and requires regular maintenance. Care should be taken to select a professional beautician for the procedure, taking care to avoid applying heavy make-up and rubbing the eye area. At the same time, if you have any symptoms of discomfort or infection, you should seek medical attention in time.