What are personal classic eyelashes? How to grow eyelashes?

What are classic personal lashes

How to grow eyelashes

classic lashes

In the hair grafting industry, there are actually a lot of professional words that you may not particularly understand. For example, the recent personal classic eyelashes, many friends don't quite understand what it means. So today, let's take a look at what is a personal classic eyelashes and teach you some ways to grow eyelashes.


1: Personal classic eyelashes


Speaking of what is a personal classic eyelashes, you can actually understand that you can formulate eyelashes that are more suitable for you according to the production characteristics of your own eyelashes and your personal image, and usually it is a classic type that can be matched with various makeup looks. In terms of naturalness, it will be better, and the subsequent effects will be better.


2: Apply aloe vera gel


After understanding what the personal classic eyelashes are, it is still necessary for everyone to know how to care for eyelashes. After all, if you have thick and curled eyelashes, you do not need to graft eyelashes. Among the various methods taught by everyone, the effect of applying aloe vera gel is better. Although it may feel a little sticky during the use process, it is helpful for accelerating the growth of eyelashes.


In addition, you can also apply vitamins to achieve the effect of maintaining eyelashes. Under normal circumstances, vitamin E or vitamin D is used. Applying this type of ingredients to the root of the eyelashes through a cotton swab can effectively achieve the effect. It does not need to be used too frequently. better effect. In addition to vitamins, this effect can also be achieved through cod liver oil.


For friends who need eyelash extensions, it is indeed necessary to understand what is a personal classic eyelashes, so as to avoid knowing nothing in the process of understanding different eyelash types and choosing the ones that are not suitable for you. In addition, if there is no idea of ??grafting, you can also speed up the growth rate and firmness of eyelashes through some maintenance tips, and long-term persistence will also have a certain effect.