What are the advantages of eyelash extensions

What are the advantages of eyelash extensions

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Eyelashes are protective. The eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelid margins are like rows of guards, arranged at the edge of the palpebral fissure. Eyelashes are the second line of defense for the eyes. If foreign objects such as dust touch the eyelashes, the eyelids will be reflexively closed to protect the eyeballs from foreign invasion. It has the function of shading, preventing dust, foreign bodies, and sweat from entering the eye and protecting the cornea and eyeball. Eyelashes also prevent UV damage to the eyes. Especially modern beauty-loving women have higher requirements for eyelashes. At this time, eyelash grafting products appeared. There are many eyelashes grafting products, such as brown eyelash extensions, classic lash extensions, eyelash fan, 3D Mink Eyelashes and so on. Eyelash grafting has many benefits for female friends. Now we will answer the advantages of lower eyelash grafting.

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What are the advantages of eyelash extensions?

1. The same effect as real eyelashes can be achieved.

2. No need for mascara and eyeliner. Natural comfort without any discomfort.

3. It is not an operation, naturally there is no pain, and no operation fee is required.

4. The eyelashes are thick, long and curly, making the eyes extraordinarily beautiful.

5. The operation process is simple, there is no swelling, and you can immediately return to normal life.

6. Unlike eyelash transplantation, there is no need to cut off eyelashes.

Of course, grafting eyelashes also has its disadvantages, for example: it needs continuous management to maintain it for a long time. Because of the eyelash growth cycle, grafted eyelashes need constant management to maintain perfect results. Natural eyelashes lose about 3 per day. Therefore, when some eyelashes fall off with natural eyelashes, it is necessary to repair the eyelashes to a certain extent so that the eyelashes can always maintain the perfect effect.

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