What are the dangers of growing eyelashes?

What are the dangers of growing eyelashes

growing eyelashes

Because many women have short eyelashes now, they can lengthen their eyelashes in this way to make their facial image more perfect and the image of the whole face more harmonious, so many women want to know what is the danger of growing eyelashes.


What are the dangers of growing eyelashes?


What are the dangers of growing eyelashes?


1. Allergic reaction


Using glue to grow eyelashes will cause many people's skin to have an allergic reaction to the glue, resulting in red spots, red spots and constant tears. This is common sense that must be known before eyelashes are grown. Therefore, before eyelashes are implanted, a skin test must be performed to confirm that there is no allergy before proceeding.


2. mottled rebuttals


Growing eyelashes is not a lifetime thing. Timeliness. The original effect was almost lost in a few weeks. Many people find their lashes look weird later on. This is caused by uneven fall of false eyelashes. We can't grow eyelashes often, but instead, there will be a certain degree of distress.


3. long inverted eyelashes


After many people have eyelashes, the effect is good at the time, but as time goes by, it is difficult to control the direction of the growth of eyelashes after eyelashes are planted, so it is easy to have the eyelashes downward and the eyelashes rise upwards. When the long eyelashes grow, they stick into the eyes, and the eyelashes are swollen, which makes the eyes very uncomfortable.


4. eyelashes fall off


True and false eyelashes stick together, and the fall of false eyelashes will affect the eyelashes falling together. Sometimes false eyelash root glue is not sticky and will rise. At this time, the MM with obsessive-compulsive disorder chooses to pull it by hand. Of course, your own eyelashes will also be sacrificed.


5. cause eye infection.


In the process of eyelash planting, the disinfection during the operation is not strict, which is easy to cause infection. If you do not take good care of it after the operation, it will cause infection and inflammation and local inflammation of the eyes.


6. Unqualified technology


When planting eyelashes, most people claim that their technology was developed by the United States and other developed countries in Europe and the United States, and introduced eyelash planting technology from European and American countries. In fact, most of them have not been trained in professional practice, but only participated in several theoretical educations through video. There is no safety guarantee for eyelash planting, and unqualified technology will cause great harm.


How long do eyelashes last?


If the eyelashes are planted well, they can last for about a month. If the seeds are not planted well, they can last for a few days. Generally, beauty salons say that there will be no shedding in 3 months, which is an ideal state. The average growth cycle of eyelashes is one month. If the eyelashes are planted well, they will fall off naturally after staying for about 28 days, and it is best to keep them for about a month at most. The craftsmanship of the technicians is also very good. Personal management has a lot to do with it. Eyelashes fall off naturally, and the usual facial cleaning will shorten the lifespan of eyelash planting, so it is necessary to go to the beauty salon regularly for repairs.


What are the dangers of growing eyelashes?


If you want your lashes to last longer, use a washcloth to gently press in the direction of the lashes while cleaning your face. Please do not clean with circles.


After planting eyelashes, if the eyelashes are sparse, apply mascara properly, and just remove the eyelashes when removing makeup. Do not use any make-up products, after eyelashes are planted, lashes should be used with lashes, mascara and other lash tools should also be discontinued. Otherwise the false eyelashes may fall off.


If you want to grow eyelashes for a longer time, you must go to a formal institution. Because if not done well, it can easily fall off. After all, growing eyelashes and eyes are very close, so the products for growing eyelashes vary greatly. Unqualified glue or artificial fibers can also cause great damage to the eyes and require special attention.