What are the methods of eyelash extensions

What are the methods of eyelash extensions

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Nowadays, women pursue more. It is everyone’s dream to have big watery eyes. Short eyelashes are a headache. The baldness above the eyes makes people feel listless and loses the charm of big eyes. Thick eyelashes and eyes can better show the charm of people. So, how to make eyelashes longer? Grafting eyelashes is easy to damage the original eyelashes. It is recommended that everyone use Eyelash Extension. Eyelash Extension can make you no longer have to worry about the reasons for the lack of eyelashes and short eyelashes. So, what are the methods of eyelash extensions?

What are the methods of eyelash extensions

There are several ways to extend eyelashes:

Method 1: Apply VA, VD or Cod Liver Oil to Grow Eyelashes

Some people say that the reason why VE can grow eyelashes is because the cod liver oil (containing VAD) in it is at work, not the credit of VE. So there are people who apply VD capsules to their lashes, and for some people it works well.

Method 2: Apply mascara

If you want to grow your eyelashes as quickly as possible, the best way is of course to apply mascara. You should use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara, and then brush, starting from the roots.

Method 3: Do an eyelash transplant

Go to a regular hospital for eyelash transplantation, but this method is relatively risky and the cost is relatively high.

Method 4: Wear false eyelashes

Adhesive false eyelashes should be compared with the length of your own eyelashes. The excess part should be reduced first. Before sticking eyelashes, you should rub the false eyelashes with your hands. comfortability. This method is relatively simple and affordable, and is the choice of many female friends.

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The above is to introduce to you "what are the methods of eyelash extension". If you want to quickly end the problem of short and sparse eyelashes, eyelash extension and wearing false eyelashes are the fastest methods, but the most choices are those who wear false eyelashes. many. China Meteor lashes factory is a professional manufacturer of eyelash extension products, welcome to wholesale and customize related products.