What are the types of false eyelashes

What are the types of false eyelashes

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Every woman loves beauty, especially her eyelashes. Those who have few eyelashes wear false eyelashes every day to make their eyes bigger, brighter and more attractive. There are many types of false eyelashes, and different false eyelashes have different display effects. So, what types of false eyelashes are there?


What are the types of false eyelashes


The types of false eyelashes are: natural false lash; slender cross type; single false eyelashes; thick cross type and other types. Wearing false eyelashes can quickly shape the eyelashes and modify the shape of the eyes. Since the false eyelashes will touch the skin around the eyes, you must be careful when choosing and pasting them to avoid damaging the skin.


1. Natural single bundle of lower false eyelashes - used to enhance the thick and slender feeling of the lower eyelashes, the natural hair bundles present the effect of distinct roots, suitable for enhancing the vertical range of the eyes.


2. Natural stemless type - the basic model suitable for beginners. The transparent stem design makes the wearing effect more natural, leaving no traces on the sticking part, and is used to create daily natural makeup.


3. Natural single-bundle type--single-bundle false eyelashes with soft stalks, easy to wear, and the makeup effect is very natural. The middle part is slender and both ends are equal in length, highlighting the large and round three-dimensional outline.


4. Thick single-bundle type--Gradiently long thick false eyelashes, the long end is attached to the end of the eye, and the short end is attached to the corner of the eye, which elongates the eye shape and is more suitable for round eyes.


5. Slender cross type--the type of false eyelashes with thick hair bundles near the stalk and long front end can create a clear eye contour, suitable for long eye shape, and naturally increase the density and length of eyelashes.


6. False eyelashes of a single plant - paste a few plants after pasting the complete false eyelashes to fill the sparse parts of the eyelashes, use it at the end of the eye, and elongate the shape of the eye. When using it for the lower eyelashes, you should choose a transparent stalk.


7. Partial emphasis type - emphasize the dense waste in the center of the eye or at the end of the eye, apply it alone or after pasting the complete false eyelashes, and use it locally. For slightly more intense eye makeup, use false lashes cut into small sections.


8. Thick and cross-hair bundles with a sense of volume enhance the density of the roots and make the eyelashes look long and thick. The front section is slender, so it won't look too exaggerated after wearing, and it can easily create big-eyed makeup.




The above is the introduction to the types of false eyelashes. If you want to choose false eyelashes, it is best to choose false eyelashes that are related to your face shape and physique, so as to achieve better results. If you want to know more about false eyelashes, please contact Meteor lashes factory, which is a professional eyelash extension supplier, to solve the problem of short and scarce eyelashes for you.